Saturday 2 November 2013

A Tale of Trompette Gathering.


This picture is from a couple of years back, but I'm using it again simply to illustrate this story.....

Mushrooms, mushroom-hunting, and mushroom-selling are a big part of local life here. If one called it an obsession, it would easily merit the name.

Many years ago, at exactly this time of year, a friend asked if there were any 'trompettes', (Trompettes des Mort, above) near my home; I replied yes. She said she would love to pop-over and pick a few.

I took her to my best spot, and we started picking. I topped-up her baskets with my own gatherings, and noticed that she was beginning to have a VERY large haul.

We continued to pick until I just had to ask if she hadn't got enough. She replied that she wanted as many as she could find.

'What on earth are you going to do with them all?' I asked.

'Sell them!' she replied.

'WHAT; I'm here picking MY OWN mushrooms, so that YOU can go and sell them', I said in amazement.

She didn't reply, and we returned home (in silence) with about 8 kilos of mushrooms, which I presume she then went on to sell for a king's ransom (which I would normally have done myself).

Whenever 'trompette' season comes around, I always think of her, and this story. Not earth shattering, I know, but a cautionary tale car mème. She was never invited again.

N.B. Nowadays, dried Trompettes sell for £25 per 100 gms on Amazon.


  1. What a bloody cheek! Is she still a friend? Have a good weekend…..hope your weather is better than ours! ( Hertfordshire)

    1. No she isn't; and no it isn't. We have fine drizzle today' just the sort of weather I HATE.

  2. Some people have no shame - what a cheek!
    It's also a shame she now knows where the best spot is to find them.

  3. And didn't even offer to give you 50% of the sales

  4. how rude! That would have driven me mental! I bought 1kg of dried chinese mushrooms in the thai food shop last week. I find adding some ground up dried mushroom (we call it secret dust), to casseroles or even plain rice gives it some va va voom

  5. sorry I forgot to say I bought them to £16. if that helps with ideas of how much they cost in UK now

  6. It's a good story and gives insight into the differences in people's character. It's a pity people like this do not have scumbag stamped on their forehead. We have to get burned before we recognize them.

  7. That was nervy. A 'friend' did you say?

  8. I am sure all that exercise, the walking, bending down, creaking back up again, did you good!

  9. Doesn't 'mort' mean death - perhaps you should invite her round for a 'tasty' meal. Nudge, nudge, wink,wink.

  10. Tramp. Let me at her. No one puts Magnon in a corner with me around. Let me say it again. Tramp. Mushroom Tramp.

  11. I nearly spat my tea out laughing at that comment Donna!

  12. Some people are shameless. What a cheek! Some friend.

  13. Trumpets of death?!! But I am jealous of your lovely mushrooms!

  14. How galling! You should have demanded a finder's fee.


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