Tuesday 22 May 2012

Cro's Challenge. The World's Most Beautiful Packaging.

Surely, this has to be the world's most exquisite piece of packaging design....ever!  Even the Queen has given her seal of approval. Congratulations Brasso.

However, if you think otherwise, maybe you could post your own preferred example some time before the end of 2012 or even 2013. (Not Brillo please, it's been done to death)

This is NOT an invitation to one of those A to Z, Round Robin, thingies. Just an idea for whenever (or IF ever) you should suffer from Bloggers Block.
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  1. Morning Cro - That brings back memories - it was my job at home to clean the brass every Saturday morning - I used to love the before and after effect. Thankfully the brass is all gone now.

    1. Wretched stuff brass, but I do like silver; it never seems like such hard work!

  2. I seem to remember you being enamoured of the Swan Vesta matchbox, Cro.

  3. Morning, you're right, the packaging on this one is great. I have a collection of tins and this is one of them :-)

    Now, thanks for your comment on my blog, it was a beautiful country wedding and indeed very stylish without being pompous. There's a reason for the Argentinian wine: the newly wed couple is going to move to Argentina for a year to work there and learn to Tango. See, all done for a reason ;-) x

  4. That picture takes me back to my Grandad sitting cleaning all of the brass including the helmet coal bucket.
    That's a few years ago I can tell you.lol

  5. Are your Elder trees in flower? Ours are, so I'm just waiting for a sunny day before making my Elderflower Champagne. Have you got your bottles ready?

  6. It's very Mod looking. I love that kind of design with the stripes and bold letters.

  7. I have a big old brass bed (dated 1857) and it is a bear to clean. I have convinced myself that I like the patina it has become rather than spend a day with a can of Brasso (no matter how artistic the packaging is) wiping it down - only to have it change back in a short time.

    I like your suggestion about posting pictures of packaging design as I often have a case of blogger's block. My well of ideas is running dry.

  8. There's something super hero-ish about it, or maybe Pop Art. Nice idea!

  9. I agree with CarrieBoo - was thinking the exact thing when I saw your photo. It announces itself with horns and a grand "Ta-DA!"

  10. Just looking at the picture Cro, I can smell that stuff. I used to use copper pots, but decided all that polishing after use was too much trouble! Still clean the silver once a week though.

  11. Just seen this post and the packaging is a design package. How about the Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup tin or Colman's mustard as joint contenders?


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