Sunday 27 May 2012

Secret Garden.

Every garden has an 'awkward bit'; an area that just never looks quite right. The entrance to our 'pump house' was one such area, only with a certain amount of danger thrown in.

Originally the door to the pump house was about a metre below the pool surround, with no way to get down. I think I used a few well-placed stones. It was a death trap.

With grandchildren becoming ever more adventurous, I decided to landscape the whole area, and started by constructing the three fan-shaped steps. Then came the 10 flagstones (which are still uncleaned), and the small wall with the urn. All, I'm happy to say, is now reasonably safe.

But really why I'm writing this, is because it's now become one of my favourite corners of the garden. Most of what's been planted either side of the path have been given by friends, and they all have meanings. Some may remember the Peenk Peexy rose (Pink Pixy) given to me by my friend Philippe, and the fabulous blood red Weigela which is still in full flower. There are also some fine Irises, and other things with names that are unknown to me. I even spotted a single pale Foxglove.

It's only a tiny area, and I don't go down there often, but when I do, it's always a minor pleasure.

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  1. I could do with a cutting of that Weigela - I must look out for it around here. Mine is pale pink but variegated.

  2. Morning Cro - It looks a nice little area and now you have it sorted you will probably go there more often.

  3. how charming. I always wanted a small secluded courtyard garden, but was seduced by the views from the side of this hill.
    I love plants that remind you of friends and family.

  4. I love little hidden away places in the garden. That looks really good.

  5. It looks like a great place to meditate. I love the steps.

  6. Great work, and aren't those hidden places just so beautiful?

  7. I love little hidden away places in the garden. That looks really good

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