Monday 14 May 2012

Didn't your mother tell you; it's rude to bark with your mouth full!

You give a dog a bone, and all he wants to do is bark.

Bok started him off (out of picture), then Monty just has to follow.... but his heart's not really in it.

Anyway, good try Monty; but next time just drop the bone for a couple of seconds.

He actually has a gorgeous deep intimidating BARK; the old softie!


  1. A dogs' gotta do what a dogs' gotta do - even if it means barking with your mouth full.

  2. Love it; i'm sure they wanted everyone to know that they had bones.

  3. HE'S an "old softie"? Something tells me YOU'RE an old softie when it comes to your pooches.

  4. A dog and his bone--not easily separated, nor the man and his dog. I love that you love them, Cro.

  5. I bet he has a big old "ruff" bark when his mouth isn't full!

  6. :-)
    Bisou (the 5 kg rat terrier) just got the bone
    Dingo had left behind in addition to her bone into her mouth, and then when the neigbours' dog appeared in her garden, still was able to bark at her... It is just us who think it is funny I guess.


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