Sunday 27 May 2012

Obesity and the Beast.

I'm not averse to occasionally watching either Hugh Fearnley-Thing or Jamie Oliver on TV. Their programmes can be amusing, informative, and occasionally both.

But recently, whilst channel hopping, I came across this bleached, spiky-haired, 'person' above. I don't know his name, but he appears in a programme called 'Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives', which, if you enjoy the combination of 'shit-n-shouting', can be found on The Food Network.

I have never seen such a disgusting food programme. Rather than promoting gastronomy, the aim seemed to be to find the most horrendous, artery-clogging, rubbish in all of America. For example; imagine a HUGE multi-layer burger, dip it in batter and deep-fry, cover it with cheese and some kind of white blob (faux-mayo?), and serve to a hairy, obese, red-necked, truck-driver; that's about as good as it gets.

The way the programme is put-together is also worthy of some comment. No shot or dialogue is of more than 2 seconds duration (which I presume says something about the attention-span of its viewers), and the presenter has his face almost permanently stuck into the side of some vulgar, lard-saturated, burger (as above).

Is it any wonder that obesity is becoming endemic? Food programmes don't get any worse than this..... I dare you to take a look; OK then, don't! 


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  1. Morning Cro - Sounds delightful - fortunately we don't have Sky or cable so we can only get run of the mill programmes - and after reading your post - I'm extremely grateful that we don't.

  2. I once entered 'The Scottish Restaurant' at Marble Arch (London), with an architect friend. We ordered a McBurgerthing, and timed it's arrival. I'm pleased to say that we did not eat the bun-covered meatex-filling; we were simply there to time how long it took from order to chute.

  3. Please don't get me started with the burgers and the fries and the boxes and the gum-based milk-substitute drinks. Mcdonald's Incorporated is the official "restaurant" (hah! "restaurant" - they actually refer to it as a restaurant) of the London O'Limp Dicks 2012 (TM, other cities and years are available). Incredible, but true. Actually, it's more than incredible - there should be a new word coined to cover this scenario.

  4. I do enjoy cooking programmes, I admit. I'll pass on the blond spikehaired shouty one though and stay with Hugh Fearlessly-Eatsitall and Rick Stein.

  5. Think about it Cro...if we were all forced to watch the blond-spikey-haired person we might be so turned OFF of eating artery-clogging-non-food, that the obesity issue might be solved!!
    I've seen this show, once, - not for me!

  6. His name is Guy Fierri. He really specializes in Southwest cuisine. But I don't find him any worse than The Two Fat Ladies who were on last night.

    I consider TV just noise while doing knitting.

    1. THE TWO FAT LADIES? They're British National Treasures; you can't say that!

  7. I have seen it too . . . argh! I watched because I thought I might get some tips on spice rubs, but they are all so synthetic and identical. Dried garlic? Garlic salt? Onion powder? And the host pads around shouting at the camera and saying "good job, Man!!!!" - which I think is the Californian equivalent of a Yorkshire man saying "Champion"!

  8. I haven't seen it, but am kind of glad that I didn't. It sounds awful. I usually love food shows, in fact I almost always have one on on the laptop in front of me when I have dinner alone, I find most food/cooking show help promote real food and eating well, and cooking at home from scratch, with love, which is the way I favour, which is why this sounds just bizzare to me!

  9. Once in a while when I do get the channel changer, I surf around and come across this program, and you have hit the nail on the head...disgusting to say the least.
    I also do not care for the program on the Food network with Adam, and right at this very moment, I am brain dead from being in the garden all day and digging. I like programs that show different culinary foods and areas and their history, but not to make a pig out of myself.
    I unfortunatly have cable for the partner, which I do not watch too much, quite repulsive to me, the many programs that are on.

  10. And people wonder why obesity is such an epidemic! I finally cancelled cable tv. If I want to know what's going on in the world I check online.


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