Sunday 20 May 2012

Caught Red-Handed.

Now we know who's responsible for all the missing dog food. Someone whose name begins with an M.

'M' is never really happy without his mouth inside a sack of food; LITERALLY. 

Talking of names; we've decided to call our new ride-on mower 'Rory'.

Have a good Sunday; it's pouring here, and the village is holding a 'Journée Champetre'. More like a 'wash out' methinks.

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  1. Morning Cro -Ha ha caught in the act - naughty Monty. I once had a springer spaniel who ate a whole fruit cake that I had put on the side to cool off. What is it with dogs and food. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, rain or no.

  2. Busted! This is the funniest photo I've seen in a long time -- those sneaky dogs.

    Gosh, a gully-washer, huh? I hope your tender young plants withstand the beating.

  3. The torrential rain has now stopped, and no doubt our village event will take place as expected. I shall take a few snaps.

  4. Now that's a hound I can empathise with. Crumb control patrol.

  5. I hadn't got my glasses on when I first came here this morning, I thought your Monty was a half-baguette in a bag!
    Enjoy your day.

  6. The chap living next door to us is called Rory.
    He is cool, hard working and efficient so it sound like a good name for a mower to me.

  7. That photo made me laugh out loud - lol!

  8. Let me guess. M . . . M . . . no, it couldn't have been Monty. Hey, have you ever noticed how animals think that if their heads are covered then that makes them invisible? Henry will go take a nap under a blanket, and he always leaves his butt hanging out.

    1. Small children too, Amy. If I can't see you, then you can't see me. Logic!

  9. No need for a bowl! Glad you got that rain on that beautiful garden of yours.

  10. That picture is priceless. Might even make Monty a star if you were to send it to the maker's of that dog food.

  11. A higher shelf for Monty's biccies? He knows what's good!

  12. We caught our cocker spaniel Meg in much the same pose, a number of years ago, only it was a bag of crisps, not dog food! Gotta love 'em!


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