Tuesday 29 March 2011

Cro Benefits From Disharmony.

In the corner of our kitchen we have one of those tall galvanised two-handled florist's pots, in which we keep our walking sticks, brollies, etc; and I'll tell you from whence it came.

Many years ago, back in Brighton, I had taken some rubbish to the local tip, when I encountered a very irate and red-faced man, 'chucking' (and I mean 'chucking') perfectly good looking stuff out of the back of his car. Amongst the pile were several brand new hockey sticks, piles of women's clothing, expensive looking shoes, books, kitchen equipment, suitcases, radios, etc.

Amongst all this stuff I spotted the aforementioned brand new florist's pot, and I asked the man if I could take it.

"Take what you effing like" he shouted. "You can have the whole effing lot, for all I effing care!".

I took the pot and left. It was pretty obvious what was going on, and I didn't want to get involved. What his wife/girlfriend thought when she returned to get her things; I can't imagine. There must have been one hell of a fight; if not a court case!

Anyway, she's not getting her galvanised florist's pot back; it was given to me fair-n-square!


  1. that is quite a funny story :) wonder what happened with the wife/girlfriend...

    love the title.

  2. Spoils of war.

  3. Now she doesn't have a pot to piss in. But you do, haha.

  4. I expect she wishes she did; just to empty it over his head!!

  5. That's a cute story.

    By the way, my alien head is a copy of Constantin Brancusi's Mademoiselle Pogany. I'll write a post on it soon. Thanks for the tip, my friend. x

  6. How funny Cro as it is usually the woman throwing mens things out on the street!Would have liked to see a pic of it..


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