Saturday 26 March 2011

Oh, Those Wasted African Billions!

When 'Lord' Mandy took over from Gerald Kaufman as Britain's most hated politician, we knew we were in the presence of a classic brown-nosed creep; he was dubbed 'The Prince of Darkness'.

So what's he up to now?

Amazingly he's just twigged (the public always knew this) that all the foreign aid money given to Africa over the years, has been money down the drain.

Even the late-arrivals threw their hands up in horror when the 'Merc's for Malawi' scandal broke in 2000. The Scottish Parliament's cash for a fleet of 37 luxury Merc's for the lads, was a Merc' too far.

So why has Mandy only now discovered the truth, or been prepared to tell the truth, when the rest of us knew yonks ago. And why do the Swiss bankers (who are the recipients of so much of this 'filtered' cash) continue not to inform the naive benefactors?

Be warned; Mandy wouldn't now be saying this, if there wasn't something behind it all. The only question is WHAT!

He's got his gong. He's got his over-paid jobs. Perhaps like his chum Blair before him, he wishes to become an 'envoy'; to Africa maybe?

The Middle East has proved nothing but trouble since Tony took over HIS 'envoy' job, so what could we expect from Africa, with Mandy at the helm? Boggle... Boggle... Boggle...


  1. Ah politicians...a constant source of conversation. We here in Canada are now staring down the barrels of a Federal election. I will try to avoid groups of more than three people, or to form one by my presence, as the conversation will surely get around to the dreaded politics.

  2. Polotics make me queasy sometimes. It never seems to be aiming at any good. What a sly look this fellow has on his face . . .

  3. Politics to me is one thing...self-serving!!

  4. Brilliant photograph of Mandy, the odiously smug and devious. HOW does this man manage to stay in any position of authority?

  5. Politics aside (and I wish they were)I bet he thinks he looks the bee's knees in that ermine trimmed robe.....


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