Wednesday 16 March 2011

Crikey! What; no 17th?

Have I missed out on some Bilderberg conspiracy? Has the government decided that in future we shall have only 6-day-weeks? Have The Ides of March spread their influence?

Why does my calendar have no 17th? Could this be the end of the world? I thought THAT was supposed to be next year!

Are 'they' keeping something from us? I think we should be told!

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  1. Maybe the little people stole it?

  2. Okay, I have an explanation for this. You see you took part in a underground experiment which catapulted you three years in the past. In that time, called "Cro's Binge" you tore through the streets of town, spraying graffiti everywhere, having wild orgies, drinking bad wine, and in your spare time, exposing the secret intelligence of local government officials, namely their involvement with money laundering from the planet Uranus. After one particularly exhausting day, you found out you had been microchipped with highly sensitive information in your buttocks. In two days, you would face execution. To escape this unfortunate fate, you visited a fellow named Hawk who sent you reeling back to 2011 in his bright-orange time machine, complete with Barry Manilow tunes and a martini bar. The only downside to having your life saved in this way was that you would lose all memory of the day March 17th. Hawk made a slight glitch in that he made it impossible for you to see the number on your calendar. Whoops! I can see it perfectly. Hope that clears things up.

  3. I've got 2 17ths on my calendar, Cro. You can have one if you want.

  4. Thanks Amy. That explains everything!

  5. LOve the story above lol...I went to a meeting last night and one of the girls had a diary with the 18th missing!she had purchased the same one for the whole family and the 18th is missing in them all,she sugested that maybe she will not be at work as the day does not exsist.

  6. This is all very strange, last month I had the 29th AND 30th missing on my calendar.


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