Wednesday 1 December 2010

Sky Rats.

Seagulls; doncha luv em?

There seems to be an international anti-seagull movement afoot at the moment; perhaps they've simply over-bred. Personally I rather like them, and now that I live in a gull-less area, I kinda miss their raucous juvenile bad-tempered behaviour.

I'm off to Toulouse (it's nearly 5 am). Lady Magnon is going Crimbo shopping in the UK for 2 weeks, and her flight is ridiculously early. Luckily this morning the compact Royce is snow free. Phew!

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  1. Safe travels! We have a few stray gulls now and then from Lake Erie.

  2. I love this painting btw. It reminds me of some Thurber drawing and I like the colors.

    Safe travels!!!

  3. I love the sound of seagulls...perhaps reminds me of growing up in Southampton. Sure they are messy and persistant and sometimes intrusive, but you know when you hear them the water isn't far away.

  4. Cro - I do hope Lady M manages to have a safe flight over here. According to tonight's news the weather has grounded most our airports. Many people are snow stranded. Oh dear I don't sound very cheerful do I!

  5. Hi Cro,Both our children live on the coast and seagulls are a part of life although you can't have fish and chips on the waterfront without them stealing them almost from your mouth lol it would not be the seaside without them,our kids always loved the story of Johnathan Livingston Seagull..occasionally we see a lost one here inland and it evokes memories rather than anything else,it is always a good thing not to look up when seagulls are approaching lol as they tend to send messages via airmail!Have fun batching,hope Lady of the manor buts you something nice. Carole

  6. Thanks for your concern Molly. In fact Lady M had to change flights and go to Heathrow instead of Gatwick, which delayed her by an hour.

    My UK home town of Brighton has chip stealing gulls Carole. They also stamp about on the roof at nights!! None here though.


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