Friday 3 December 2010

Hoarder; Me? No, Just War-Time Spirit.

I wasn't actually around during the last war, but I still hate waste; who doesn't!

Being 'country folk', we do as 'country folk' do. We make jams, chutneys, and pickles. We preserve as much as possible from Haddock's for the winter months.

Like most people who save used glass jars, I always clean them thoroughly and remove any labels, before putting them away untidily in a cluttered corner of the studio.

However, some jars have their labels SO FIRMLY GLUED, that to remove them requires something akin to nitric acid or a serious explosive. So may I make a worldwide plea to all food companies who sell their wares in glass jars; "Would you please use a simple flour paste with which to attach your labels". It would probably save me (and no doubt loads of others) several hours of wasted time each year!
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  1. Amen Cro...sometimes this drives me crazy and actually takes longer than making the product! Wish we were neighbours at least we would always be sure of getting a loan of some jars lol I save mine too and do the same thing,if I run short I have a friend I can call on and she can call on me when she is short of jars and bottles.I am about to do bread and butter cucumbers and then the tomatoes will be ready for sauces and chutneys as well as eating with salads the garden is abundant this year as we have had huge rainfalls.Carole

  2. Handy Hint: VERY hot water usually softens the most artificial of glues.

  3. I have tried everything Cro...and still some labels adhere (even boiling water Tom...but with a metal spoon in the jar so the glass won't crack). I'm not sure it's even glue they are using!
    I like your glass jar collection Cro...very noble!

  4. Carole/Jacqueline. I'm pleased to hear I'm not alone. Should we start a pressure group?

  5. Cro - I save jars too, can I join?

  6. Good for you Cro!

    I like spaghetti jars and olive oil bottles because certain companies have pretty designs on the glass. My mother used to save jelly jars and we drank out of those for years. Certain companies still make user friendly ones-so I save those for the kids to use. Otherwise, it goes to recycle.


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