Monday 27 December 2010

Back to Normal-ish (fingers crossed).

I'm off to Toulouse today to pick-up Lady Magnon at the airport.

I just hope there'll be enough room in The Compact Royce to accomodate all her 2-day-late prezzies (probably mostly for Freddie)!!

Now, where did I tie-up that fatted calf?

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  1. So happy for you that you can be together at last! enjoy your pressies but most of all enjoy your lovely wifes company,happy belted christmas joy to you both.Carole

  2. Thanks Carole. I think she'll genuinely be as happy to be back, as I will be to have her back.

  3. Great Image!!

    Happiest of Holidays & All the Best in the New Year!

    Art by Karena

  4. (If I may be so bold as to read between the lines Cro)...what is lovely is to sense within a long-term relationship the joy that is felt in reunion.
    Friends who were married for a very long time divorced a couple of years ago. They quickly realized the error of their ways and just before this Christmas re-married.
    Wife wrote to me saying "we are in love in a way like never before." To me, this explained their separation.
    We each have to remember how to be in love in these different and revitalizing ways.
    You and Lady M. appear to have achieved same.
    Best wishes for a wonderful 2011.

  5. My goodness, it really has been a long time—you two deserve a nice dinner and bottle of wine. Wishing you both a safe trip.

  6. Happy to hear Lady Magnon will be ringing in the new year with you Cro.

  7. Cro - really good news. Hope Lady M has a stress free, safe trip home.


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