Friday 10 December 2010

Final Mention of Tower for 2010.

I purposefully haven't mentioned my 'tower' for a while, because we end the year with all the actual 'building' work completed.

It now remains to render the outside, plaster the inside, lay the floor tiles, and get the door made and fixed.

I've changed the coping on top of the inter-connecting gated wall; the previous stones looked too modern and 'industrial'. It's still not perfect, but it's better.

Everything is as I planned. It's been bloody hard work, and I'm really looking forward to finishing it off as soon as some decent dry spring weather allows.

My greatest memory of the build will be of Lady Magnon. She abandoned her fears, shinned up and down ladders, and said nothing when my temper became the better of me. She worked unbelievably hard, and encouraged me when my confidence occasionally flagged; I thank her profusely.

Isn't that roof sexy! Looking back on it, I can hardly believe that it was entirely done by a couple of ageing foolhardy rank amateurs!!! Proof (if needed) that building requires no more than reasonable logic, and a long piece of weighted string.

I shall not bore you with any more 'tower' stories for a while. Its next appearance on this page will be when FINISHED!

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  1. Brilliant! That roof is a masterpiece. You should be very proud. And well done Lady M. Now, I wonder if I drop some hints to H.I. he could replace our leaky roof himself. No, maybe not!

  2. That's looking fantastic, Lord M. Jolly well done, I say.

  3. Thank you both. A little encouragement goes a long way.

  4. Cro - I think it's brilliant too - well done both of you!

  5. We were just discussing your tower this week, Cro. It's world renowned, you know. Yes, a very sexy roof.

    Cheers to Lady M!

  6. Very handsome Cro! I'm curious to know what you will do with it once the tower is complete...or is she just for show?

  7. The tower looks great, and bug kudos to you and Lady M for working so hard and doing so well. Looking good!

  8. Jacqueline. It's really just a 'Garden Shed', but built in 'Pigeon Tower' style. We may use it as a Bunk House in summer if we're overcrowded, but that would only be for a week or two.

    Of course it may also be where I'm banished to, by Lady M.

  9. If that's the case Cro...better make it a comfy-cosy bad-boy house!


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