Thursday 9 December 2010

Mince Pies Anyone?

Lady Magnon always makes her own Mincemeat. Not only is it not available ready-made here in France, but hers is much better anyway. The recipe is from an old traditional English cookbook that was given to her by my mother not long after we were married (she no doubt feared that I would otherwise have been forced to eat Swedish Raw Herrings for the rest of my life).

Lady M adds Chopped Prunes and Armagnac to her mélange; giving it a slightly local flavour.

If you live somewhere where Mince Pies are NOT a Christmas tradition, then take note. Christmas just ain't Christmas without Mince Pies and Hot Punch (even on the beach in 35 degrees of sunshine). And don't forget, whilst he's delivering presents, they're Santa's favourite snack.

p.s. When the children were young Lady M used to make large slabs of Christmas mince pie that were later cut up into small squares. These were put to cool on our large kitchen table. As soon as her back was turned we'd eat the lot... she'd be furious... What larks!

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  1. Love mincemeat pie!! Enjoy yours!!
    P>S> What are "sultanas??"

  2. I'm not really sure, but they're dried grapes of some type; white I think.

  3. WT and I were having a discussion about mincemeat the other day. I must admit neither one of us knew exactly was it was. We were both thinking "meat".

  4. Cro. Lady M's mincemeat looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for putting the recipe up!

  5. I love mincemeat pie! But no one else seems to so I make it around Christmas for a special treat. I also like fruitcake. Yep. I'm a freak.

  6. Agree..even a beach Christmas must have mince pies and Christmas cake. I like icing on my mince pies...suppose this is a terrible mince pie sin!
    Met some Poms on the beach yesterday. They were saying that over there you have to call Christmas "winter festival" now out of political, that is really a sin!


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