Thursday 2 December 2010

The Junk Pile.

On my very last day at my first full-time Art College (before moving on to my degree course), I came across the college caretaker who was just about to set fire to a bonfire made-up of old and broken studio easels.

Being something of a spendthrift, I asked, before he lit his match, if I could take some.

I looked at the ready pile, worked out in an instant which bits were missing from which easels, and grabbed about 4 incomplete wrecks that I stuffed into my car. From what I saved, I managed to construct two new complete easels.

The caretaker was obviously having an end-of-year clear out, and, at the same time, I noticed a trolly filled with the then un-fashionable plaster casts that were used in times past in place of life models. Again I asked if I could take a few, and managed to save a 'Roman' torso, the above 'antique' head, a Corinthian capital, and some other bits and pieces. Unfortunately the head is the only remaining piece, the other bits having been used for outdoor decor, and since melted away.

Some people's junk is always another's treasure.

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  1. I remember that Farnham was strewn with those Victorian plaster casts, Cro. Open any cupbaord, and they were full of them. I utilised a Michaelangelo's David's nose once. They all sell for a fortune these days - or the ones which have not been torched by 'caretakers'!

  2. I should have given all mine a coat of something! I waxed the above for years and it looks almost marble-like.

  3. Reduce, reuse, recycle...(our provincial government's environmental motto)...well done Cro!

  4. Wait till you see my tomorrow's posting!!!

  5. You are a man after my own heart. The head is fabulous. I have a thing for heads.

  6. Roman faces usually have no expression, IMO, but this one seems curious to something on the right. It also has Elvis's mouth.

  7. That head still looks in good condition, Cro! Well done you!


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