Sunday 5 December 2010

Oak Logs 2010.

I know I've repeated it many times; but I am really 'blessed' to have such great neighbours.

One such neighbour, Jean-Claude, brought my wood this afternoon. We already have about 12 cu meters of Chestnut in storage, but about 3 days ago I burned my very last piece of Oak.

He brought 4 cu metres of 1 metre split logs which, together, we stacked by the side of the track. My picture doesn't really do it justice, but the sight of freshly stacked dry Oak is a wonderful thing.

N.B. In 2008 the same amount of Oak cost me €170. In 2009 it cost me €170. Guess how much it cost this year; yup, €170. That's the type of inflation I really like!
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  1. There's something very reassuring about a fully stocked wood store. You know that you can cook and stay warm regardless of any power cuts or fuel shortages. (I'm sad when I see the landscape change when oak and chestnut are cut down and I have to remind myself that wood is a 'crop' in this area.)

  2. Sue, both Oak and Chestnut re-generate. Chestnut takes about 15 years; Oak obviously a lot longer. I LIKE to think of it as a CROP; a bit like Sanglier and Chevreuil. But, you're right, it does spoil the landscape for a while. Maybe that's our fault in thinking that landscape is permanent.

  3. You're all set for winter now. Do you rely completely on wood to keep your house warm, or do you have gas/electric as well?

  4. Amy, we have a bit of everything. Mostly wood, some oil heaters, some electric heaters, hot water bottles, and thermal underwear!

  5. Cro - it's good to have neighbours around like Jean-Claude! We are struggling a bit for wood this year but depend on oil central heating,(expensive!!) portable gas heaters and the like! We only heat the rooms we use.

  6. Sounds a bit like here Molly... other than the Oil Central Heating!


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