Friday 17 December 2021



A 'Jobsworth' award is hereby awarded to the NHS.

Try as we will, we cannot get our booster jabs.

Everywhere you look these days, you see advice to get boosted. Adverts are everywhere, the NHS recommends it, and Chris Whitty and Boris appear regularly telling us all to get done.

We really want our boosters. We follow all instructions. We go to the booking web-page, we ring 119, we turn-up at the 'walk-in centre'; all to no avail.

The problem is that we were both double jabbed in France, and regardless of having insisted that we had both been double jabbed to enter the UK recently (which they willingly accepted), for some reason it now seems unacceptable to continue towards our boosters.

The main booster walk-in centre in Brighton is not far from our house, but regardless of being almost empty we are turned away. We need that booking appointment, which we simply can't get.

So, we now have two alternatives. Firstly to ask our doctor to intervene and book us in, or secondly to go for a first jab without mentioning that we've already been double jabbed; in which case it wouldn't be registered that we've been boostered.

Our plan Z option was to return to France to get our booster there, but the charming Macron has now scuppered that idea. What a numb-scull!

Our fingers are crossed that our Doc' will come up trumps. Very frustrating.


  1. At the moment life is one big frustration isn't it

  2. Does France not give a vaccine passport? Presumably your vaccines were ones also used in the UK. Do the two services no longer talk to one another?

  3. its not just France. I moved from Scotland back to England. And as our first 2 were in Scotland we have to wait 21 days for the NHS to talk to Scotland, to ask for the batch numbers we have already given them. Yet they called me for a flu jab as I am at risk. Yet I cant get the booster jab for trying. You could not make this crap up.

  4. St Mary Magdalene Coldene listed as a walk-in vaccine centre for 1st, 2nd and booster jabs on Sunday 9.30 to 6pm. Don't know if this is worth checking up on. However if you have already been turned away from walk-in maybe not. Boots chemists are doing them in Norwich without appointments.

  5. If all has failed then it looks like you have no choice but to speak to your GP.

  6. One way or another, the problem will be solved. Nothing is easy nowadays.
    But don't go for the 2nd alternative, because you will probably need a vaccin passport with 3 vaccins in it or a proof of 3 vacinations on your phone when you return to France in a couple of months.

  7. Facilitator is a rather loaded word but it seems that is what your doctor needs to do. I would be making sure the records are correct too.

  8. BBC News had an article about this the other day It seems that you have to make an appointment to register your overseas vaccination before you can get a booster.

  9. It was probably programmed by the students I tried to teach programming to.

  10. You would think if you have the card that shows you were given the first two vaccines, that would suffice?? But I don't know about international rules and regulations... so, maybe not. But as much as they want everyone vaccinated, why not just give it!! Here you can walk in almost anywhere and get a booster. But surely your doctor could/should intervene...

  11. Covid has put a big wrench in to the system. Healthcare seems to be in turmoil everywhere. Even the primary care physicians are overwhelmed. I hope your GP can help with your booster shot.

  12. I do sympathize. I tried booking my booster on Monday morning - first day I was eligible. Spent 20 minutes online waiting for my turn only to have the system crash. I then went through the drugstore booking system - they told me to call the outlet that I wanted - they had a recording saying to book online - went back to that only to have their system crash!
    I also needed to book for a Covid set after having been sick for 8 days - same nonsense - call here - they say they aren't doing testing - don't care what the system says etc. etc. It was exhausting.
    Decided to start over the next day - poster is booked for Jan. 14th and booked a Covid test at the hospital Have to say they did a great job - in and out in 10 minutes - everyone as pleasant as could be - results online by 8am the next morning - Negative!
    Hang in there - hopefully it will all work eventually - hope your doctor can help.

  13. Thank you everyone for your comments. As you can imagine we are both extremely frustrated by all the incompetent administration that we meet, but I shall be speaking to my Doctor on Monday, and shall INSIST that this is sorted out.

  14. Can´t you be vaccinated by your doctor? I got my first jab at a vaccination center, the second one by our GP and the booster by my dentist! And I know a young man who got three shots by his girlfriend´s gynecologist.
    Hilde in Germany

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  16. We have conflicting advertising here; the newspapers advise getting a booster as soon as you can, television says get one three months after your second vaccination instead of waiting six months, yet when I tried to make a booking at my local chemist he said it must be exactly five months or longer, which leaves me waiting until February for my booster while Omicron is rampaging recklessly through the states here now the borders have been opened.

  17. We are in the same boat having had our first two doses in Italy and being in possession of an EU green pass. We couldn't book anything online because despite giving details to our GP the two Italian vacs are not on the NHS database. It seems to get them put on we would have to make a 300 mile round trip to do this in person. We did get a booking with our GP for the booster but not for a month, last Sunday we went to a walk in centre, waiting 1.5 hours, they accepted our Italian certificates and treated us, phew. That evening the whole thing became a free for all, we were very fortunate. I would make a GP appointment but keep trying at the walk ins, they can put your booster on your UK records at least. And yes it gets so annoying being constantly told by government etc to get your booster, if only they tested the system they might realise its easier said than done, good luck.

  18. People with foreign jabs had a problem here too. I wonder if it has been sorted. It is so much easier here living in a small community to get things done. I had my third jab last week, 2 AZ and one pfizer. The community centre phoned and told us we would come anytime we liked. We were there in 10 miuntes.
    Hope your GP gets it sorted. Sounds as though we really need that booster now

  19. How awful y'all are to made to suffer. All they need do is give y'all the booster with a card to document it. Sending away anyone under your circumstances is utterly stupid, and cruel. Prayers your doctor does the right thing


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