Tuesday 4 February 2020

Dog sleeping positions.

Monty was the house expert on sleeping positions. Above is his 'Legs somewhere, head somewhere else' position. 

This above was his 'Broken neck' look. A position designed to make Lady Magnon have a fit.

This one was similar to 'Broken neck' but was known as 'Star gazer'.

And finally we have his 'Hang dog' position. A subtle hint that he needed a pukka dog bed.

Neither Bok nor Billy seemed to be continuing in the Monty tradition, they were/are rank amateurs in comparison.


  1. Yoga master Monty showing twisted facing (or no face) dog poses .

  2. Replies
    1. Monty was more fun asleep than when awake. He wasn't the friendliest of dogs. Labs are very independent.

  3. So funny ! Mine would sleep with their heads hanging down below the body. I would get a headache looking at them. So I would go over and move them and they would give me a sleepy eye "what are you doing" ?
    Our gud dugs make us smile.


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