Saturday 15 September 2012

Mr Bok.

Bok really is a lovely dog. He's very friendly, reasonably well behaved, and appreciative of everything.

He's just a black dog Canus Canus Vulgaris (Negra). He has no pretensions above his lowly station, and apart from those evil orange eyes (do enlarge photo), he is really quite elegant. His coat shines, and he has boundless energy. He has also nominated himself as MY dog, and hardly leaves my side. When I sit, his head is instantly on my lap. And if I secretly give him some tasty morsel below the table, he takes it with pure finesse (Monty takes several fingers).

On the negative side, he still has urges to run after cars, and if the horses run, he's after them at once. It's the Border Collie in him that makes him want to tidy up.

He's been with us for just over 8 months, and has settled in really well. He and Monty are still 'best friends', and I imagine they will remain so for life. He has a good bark, and lets us know at once if anything is happening outside.

I should add that he's not all black, he has some white on his undercarriage, and two very nice small white gloves on his hands; although the photo above manages to hide both.

Two years ago we had no intention to have another dog. One year ago we had no intention to have two dogs. Funny how life pans out.
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  1. Beautiful dog with lovely eyes! I had a Smithfield Terrier, Miss Socks, who had eyes like that and two distinctive 'false eyes' about 2" above her real eyes. She could hypnotise rabbits to a standtill with those eyes!

  2. What a lovely post. Thank you. Makes me feel very good that he's found the home he dreamed about and deserves. He'll do everything in his power to show you this was a wise decision.

  3. Nothin' wrong with chasin' cars, I still do it meself if they're Japanese or Korean. Can't keep up for miles like I used to be able to though, not if I want to bark as well, it's one or the other these days.

  4. You can't beat a good old mongrel - lovely chap

  5. Bok is a handsome dog - and could be the much younger brother of my dear old Toby.

    When he was first adopted he nervously chewed an old armchair, the stretchers of a couple of chairs, shoes, and a library book...we forgave him and he has been the most wonderful, loving dog.

    It sounds like Bok knows he has found his true home.

  6. He is a very special fellow indeed x

  7. Those eyes are quite amazing.. must be truly awesome in the glow of the fire?

  8. Some dogs you intend to have and others intend to have you. Those eyes are really something.

    1. Sometimes his eyes are really wild ORANGE, other times just pale dirty yellow.

  9. Bok. I like that name. Bok.
    Bok Bok Bok.
    Yes. I like it.

  10. I bet he's so glad that he's living with you and Lady M and Monty.

  11. Oh golly, I felt that way about having cats: never while my husband was alive, a kitten to comfort the children after he died, and now a stray has inveigled its way into our hearts. Bok and you are both lucky to have each other.

  12. I can make out the white glove, and he looks like a lovely dog. Funny how animals pick their humans. I've always found it quite humbling and wonderful when i'm the lucky one.

  13. It seems we rarely "plan" to adopt pets. They simply have a way of coming into our lives, as if they know better where they belong than we do.


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