Tuesday 11 September 2012

Monty's Pedigree.

The older he gets, the more obvious it becomes that Monty is not at all a pure-bred Lab'.

He's a big lad, and looking through my Boy Scout's Book of Dogs suggests that his mother might have become friendly with a Ridgeback.

His overall appearance is still that of a Lab', but he no longer has that dewy eyed 'butter wouldn't melt' look that is so popular with bog-roll manufacturers. 

I understand that one can send off hair samples to some mad-scientist laboratory in Switzerland, and for several thousand quid they'll tell you exactly what mixed-up variety of dog you possess. Maybe Lady Magnon would enjoy an unusual Christmas present this year!

Any suggestions (about the dog) would be gratefully received.

I know you're wondering what Monty was looking at so intently; it was this vicious snake that had fallen into the pool. Cro (as usual) was obliged to save the day. 

Luckily it was only a baby!

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  1. Good grief, when I was walking through the grass next to your cottage all those years ago I had no idea you had vicious snakes!!!!!!!

  2. Look old chap, word of advice eh? You can't give Lady Magnon a snake for Christmas. Just won't do. As for the dawg, well, I'd have to say there's definitely a spot of Pedigree Chum in there. Was his mother a dawg?

    p.s. should go without sayin' of course but I really wouldn't recommend sendin' away a sample of Lady M's hair to Switzerland either.

    Pip pip.

  3. In Memoriam: R.I.P. Kristin. Seat 21C UA Flight No 93. 11. 9. 11.

  4. I don't care what his pedigree is - he is still a mighty fine handsome pooch

  5. Line of head, extended jowls..

    Agree with Elaine. He's still lovely.

  6. My daughter's beautiful yellow lab, who looks just like Monty, was sold to her as a pure bred. The fact that he is as tall as a small pony says to us that a Great Dane is somewhere in his lineage. There are secrets in everyone's family.

  7. The back of his head is a bit "Setterish" . . . Maybe. Anyway yes, he's a handsome chap x

  8. I would say with a face as grand as that he deserves a pedigree with a title.....perhaps "Magnon's Magnificent Monty"

    1. 3 M's. Rather like his full name of Montague-Macbeth Magnon. I like it!


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