Wednesday 5 September 2012

Cows; Present and Absent.

The year's fresh grass has all but gone; these two girls are enjoying the last of the buttercups, clover, and other floral delights.

This little guy was born a couple of days ago. Not long after I took this picture he went to sleep in the taller grass, and his mum wandered off. When he woke he was all alone so went exploring, and got lost. We all went out looking for him, but no sign.

Eventually (two days later) I spotted him not far from our house (again sleeping amongst some tall grass), but he didn't want to be caught.

So they brought the bellowing mother in to help, and they were soon reunited (above). The little monkey; he must have been starving.

And people say life in the country is dull!!!

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  1. Never a dull moment, but you try telling townies that. I love a happy ending.

    1. He had been spotted over a kilometre away, but somehow managed to find his way home.

  2. As my Mother often used to say while looking down at me, never a dull moment when you have an obstinate, bloody-minded calf.

    What happens in towns and cities is just the chatter of drones in their hives - humane life takes place elsewhere, everywhere, nowhere near.

    Ditto for the happy ending Sir, you were bordering on ruining my day there!

  3. I'm very relieved mother and calf were reunited - that's really good moos!

  4. Oh, poor little guy. Like Mr Owl, I was holding my breath.

    He was lucky Mum recognised him and took him back. Otherwise you might have had to go forth with a bottle, Cro.

  5. I love a good family reunification story....

  6. I am sure the mom must have been so upset to lose her calf. So glad to read that there was a happy ending.

  7. Another smile for a happy ending!

  8. We once had a Doe leave her twin fawns on the deck at our summer cabin. About three hours later we heard her clomping over the deck to roust them from their slumber

  9. Life in the country is never EVER dull! :) Love your cow collection!

  10. I think the only people who say life in the country is dull are people who don't appreciate the scent of rich dark soil. I'm glad mama and calf were reunited. Puts me in a good moooood.


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