Saturday, 1 September 2012

Brinjal (Aubergine) Pickle.

Brinjal pickle, along with Lime pickle and Mango chutney, is a firm favourite accompaniment to any Indian meal. We now have ready local supplies of the Lime and Mango, but for some reason not the Brinjal. Luckily it's not too difficult to make at home.

Recipes are plentiful on the web (mine was from Anglo-Indian Recipes). Basically it's Aubergine with fresh Ginger and Garlic, spices Chilli powder, Haldi (turmeric), and Mustard powder, and the pickling ingredients Vinegar Oil Salt and Sugar. 

I've made Brinjal Pickle before, and it turned out just like Patak's. This one above I don't think will; it seemed to use too much Garlic. I wish I'd written down my first recipe, or maybe I just knocked it up from the ingredients on the Patak's jar!

And the verdict? The first jar was broached the following day, and as expected it was too garlicky, but otherwise it was good. The second jar we have only recently opened, and the strong garlic taste has now gone. If you are interested, and make some yourself, best choose a recipe with not too much garlic. It even got a 'thumbs-up' from Lady Magnon!

Nota Bene: Patak's is an English company that makes the very best Indian pickles chutneys and pastes, and all my own home made pickles are judged in comparison. It doesn't make life easy.   

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  1. I found this really interesting,we do not eat Indian as much over here and it is not a favourite of Bobs,I think because he has not had the pleasure of a good cooked Indian meal.I love making all kinds of pickle,I am wondering what else this would accompany,or is it solely matched to Indian food,always interesting Cro,thanks.

    1. With bread and cheese maybe, or even with cold meats. It's quite a sweet pickle.

  2. The mysteries of pickles - from the ingredients they should be foul, but they're actually manna from Patak's. I mean heaven, manna from heaven.

    [It says a lot that I'd queue up to get into Patak's while heaven is not somewhere I'd like to go, even should it exist ...].

    The world's a better place for being in a pickle.

  3. Ah! For once a set of ingredients all of which are available in Angola! I thought Brinjal pickle would be more complicated so I shall give this a go. I agree with you that pickle goes with almost anything (didn't really like it on my porridge) but late at night, cheese bread and pickle is always a treat!

  4. I love a good curry, but have never come across Brinjal before, I wonder why.

    Once again, I have learnt something new from you Cro.

  5. You make the most interesting things! I'd try it--the garlic and curry actually sound good.

  6. We get Patak's here and I use their stuff all the time. Yum!
    I have to say, nothing is ever too garlicky for me. :)

  7. I use my old Patak's jars for storage cos they are so elegant.


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