Tuesday 19 June 2012

Le Chêne Royale.

It had been my intention to plant a tree for the Queen's recent Jubilee celebrations. I had chosen the tree; an apple. I had chosen the variety; Royal Gala (what else). What I hadn't chosen, however, were the various machines, the huge piles of sand, and the mountains of concrete blocks, that were spread all over where the tree was to be planted..... in our new orchard. 

An alternative HAD to be found. It was simply not possible to allow such an historical event to pass without marking it in some form or another. 

So I've cheated (slightly) by, instead, naming the oldest and most magnificent of our wonderful Oak trees 'THE ROYAL OAK'. We shall have the official 'naming ceremony' in early August, when I anticipate that Her Majesty will be available for some ribbon cutting. 

I'll have a small brass plaque made (and one of those curtain thingies), and shall expect a Knighthood in her New Year's Honours list.

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  1. Nice tree - she will be impressed!!

  2. Morning Cro - shame about your thwarted plans but the oak is a nice substitute. Of course I already have the Queen Elizabeth rose in my garden so if she passes by here and sees it I will be in the New Years Honours list for sure.

  3. Betty's oak!
    Has quite a ring to it

  4. For the 50th we thought we'd put up a flag pole in our UK garden. Mission accomplished I went about getting the commemerative brass plate made. Due to the high cost we tried to get it made in plastic and eventually gave up as the plate would have cost more than the wood with delivery charge (B&Q), paint, fittings, and two splendid flags! Let alone the time digging, concreting and use of a vertical level. A designated tree is a fine idea.

  5. When you think about it only a well-established Royal Oak would possibly do. Well do-ed, Cro!

  6. Beautiful tree. Don't hold your breath re the knighthood though. ;)

  7. Splendid!

    Perhaps when she visits, she'll frown at what's happened to your planned orchard and take the offenders off the Tower!

    1. I hadn't thought of that. Maybe M Hollande could sharpen-up the trusty old Guillotine.

  8. Such wisdom and loyalty deserves a Knighthood! You have a right to expect it.

  9. Excellent Sir Cro...can I come?

  10. Very sweet of you to show your loyalty.


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