Wednesday 6 June 2012

Antique Conrete?

This fine old concrete mixer has just appeared on the edge of our land, where my neighbour (yes, that one) is just about to start work on restoring his 35 year old pool.

It used to be one of the most beautiful pools in the area.  It was properly landscaped, with stone walling and an interesting selection of unusual trees and plants. Unfortunately it fell into slight disrepair, but is now being completely re-vamped. We are even to have a new exotic wall between his property and ours (I shall post pix later), and the machine is there to provide the foundations.

But back to the mixer. It has its original wire wheels, and, compared to modern mixers, is amazingly solid.

For the purists amongst you (if any), apparently it's a LAHO Betonnière Type SEP. Series 1. And it proudly announces that it was manufactured just 2300 metres from the Porte d'Orleans in Gay Paree. It also has a 'Bernard' motor, which is a pleasure to hear fire up (at first pull of the cord). I have no idea how old it might be.

I bet there's a few (especially women) out there thinking 'What the hell's Cro doing, posting a picture of a concrete mixer'. Well I just happen to think it's rather a nice concrete mixer. I'm also ecstatic that my neighbour (yes, that one) is finally doing something about the bloody mess he's made all over OUR LAND.

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  1. Rather splendid, reminds me of my late Mother's Kenwood machine.

  2. Not knowing anything about concrete mixers, old or new, I will leave it to the males to comment on this machinery. However, how nice that your view which was ruined by "that neighbor", will now be improved.

  3. Glad things are improving "over there!" Nice mixer too. Those old machines are hard to beat.

  4. Glad things are about to improve. You know the old saying "good fences make good neighbours"...maybe when the pool dust settles it will be time to install a good solid fence all round.
    Your mixer reminded me of the one Dad had..not sure of the type or year but the memory is from around 1955. It was probably the same one he used to form the foundations for the house in 1946.

  5. There is something rather elegant about that mixer Cro. I do have an affection for rusty old sturdy looking stuff.
    Did you get your knife back yet?

    1. Not yet J... but I live in hope!

    2. Perhaps hope needs to be accompanied by a not-so-subtle-hint!

  6. That is one impressive concrete mixer. It should last forever! One thing about the French they are not ones for 'out with the old and in with the new' -- at least not in our parts! Glad things are looking up with 'that neighbour'...

  7. I completely understand you posting pictures of this...even for someone who would have no idea how to operate it, I can see the beauty in this mixer. Nothing like old tools, still perfectly useable and usually a joy to look at, to make you realise how shoddy things are made these days!


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