Monday 16 January 2012

WARNING: Truly Shocking Attack Video.

These four vicious Somalian girls recently walked free from a British court after Judge Robert Brown declared that, as Muslims, they were not used to drinking alcohol, and therefore were not really responsible for what they were doing.

Personally I couldn't care less whether they were Muslims, Catholics or Atheists, this was an extremely serious unprovoked racist assault, accompanied by a tirade of anti white hate-comments. They each should have received the MAXIMUM prison sentences possible (and then be deported).

Sadly, this is not an isolated case in England, where criminals can expect the most lenient courts, and pathetic sentences, in the world.

These four above welcomed their freedom by celebrating on 'facebook'. Their poor victim, 22 year old, care worker, Rhea Page, will probably never fully recover.

What the hell has happened to poor old Blighty? I absolutely despair of this new-style, loony-left, human-rights obsessed, 'Tony and Cheery' nation.

And, why is no-one doing anything about it?


  1. p.s. I must stress that the above has nothing to do with 'Immigrants', or 'Somalians', this is all about JUSTICE for whoever, and whatever. I used to believe that when something went wrong, the legal system would be there to punish the miscreant. Now, I'm sorry to say, that is no longer the case, and even with video evidence (such as above) the legal system does NOTHING! One can but wonder why the UK is littered with CCTV cameras.

    1. cro
      no comment box at the foor of these comments so have left a "reply " here...

      I DONT CARE IF THESE WOMEN WERE NUNS! if they behaved like this then throw the bloody book at em!
      scum need to be treated firmly and directly

  2. The honourable judge is mistaken. These ladies are not Muslim. They are unescorted, inappropriately dressed, drinking alcohol and violent. If they were to be Muslim there would be serious consequences for this behaviour alone.

    Tucks Lunacy-O-Meter back under disused LogicMatic and wanders off, stage left, slapping forehead.

    Comes back on-stage and can't resist adding "...and since when has religion been a valid excuse for violence?" (with a wry but tragically sad grin on his face).

  3. That was terrible, Cro...and scary!! What precedent to!

    P.s. I really had to giggle at the comment you left on my blog...ha!

  4. and since when has drunkeness been an excuse for foul behaviour?

  5. Truly freaking disgusting. I would personally like to beat the crap outta them.

  6. It's a pity the guy seemed so feeble.

  7. Can't understand this. As a left kind of person (though not a Blair person - why have you got him and Cherie down as lefties) . . . defending injustice and justifying the unacceptable is neither confined to the left wing nor a constituent part of it. I sometimes wonder if I am the only left wing person left. (Apart from Tony Benn?).

  8. I just don't like either of them; especially her.

  9. Well, I agree with you Cro. They should have had the full penalty and never been set free.

  10. I don't believe ANYONE should ever get a pass for ANYTHING they say or do while under the influence of alcohol. (or drugs)

  11. completely lame excuse for criminal behavior. how are judges appointed in the UK? Anyway to get this judge out of office? Does he/she have a history of extreme decisions like this one?

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  13. Spelling errors sorry.

    I couldn't even watch the whole video. It made me sick. They should have been locked away for a long time.

    I don't understand. Maybe that is a good thing.

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  15. I was talking to my old freind Charlie (Bronson) about just this subject the other day.

    He gave me a gift as we parted in a nicely wrapped box as I waited for my plane. I wonder what it could be?


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