Friday 20 January 2012

Legalised Crime.

This unassuming small house in Walthamstow, East London, belongs to a Mrs Janice Mason. She'd been left the house by her late parents and had decided to sell.

She found a buyer (for £248.500), but just before signing deed papers, a bunch of 8 Moldavian squatters broke down the back door, and took up residence.

Mrs Mason did the right thing and called the police, only to be told that it was a 'civil matter', and they could do nothing. So, I have a couple of questions.

If these same Moldavians (or anyone else) were to break into either Buckingham Palace, an MP's house, or 10 Downing Street, would the police still do nothing?

If I was a burglar and was caught red-handed, having broken into someone's house, and I said I was simply a squatter, would the police tug at their forelocks and apologise for having disturbed me?

I really have nothing against certain people squatting in abandoned houses, as long as they do no damage and quit when asked, but this crazy lawless phenomenon of turning-up in the UK, breaking into someone's house, then claiming huge amounts of benefit money (there were 8 of them, and one heavily pregnant), has to stop.

The government promised action to make this illegal; but why are they still hanging about and doing nothing?

May I suggest that Mrs Mason smashes all her windows, has all her services cut off, and maybe sends in a few extra Hells Angel squatters to join the Moldavians. That should sort out the problem, even if the cops won't! (If she does things according to UK law, it will cost her a fortune in lawyer's fees etc)

p.s. The above info came from an on-line British newspaper, that accepts 'comments' below each article. I don't think I've ever seen such huge amounts of vitriolic condemnation on any other subject. It really is time that the UK stops being seen as an easy touch, and puts her foot down in no uncertain terms.


  1. I have read about this phenomenon. It seems beyond belief but sadly seem to be all too real. It has to stop.

  2. Never understood why breaking and entering isn't a crime in these circumstances. If the owner now deliberately breaks her own windows and takes the roof off then the police would prosecute her! It's incredible.

    I wonder if anyone has ever successfully squatted in commercial premises - Comet or Argos or the pavilion at the police cricket grounds?

  3. If the house was not being lived in then they could break in and go for squatter's rights.

    It's appauling. The police can (as usual) do nothing but press charges AFTER Mrs Mason has been found beaten to death on her own property by this scum.

    THEN the police will swoop in like Hawaii 5-0. Far too late for the law abiding Mrs Mason.

    The UK is becoming a haven for scum, low-lifes and ne'er do wells through apathy and wooly minded liberal thinking.

    No wonder you moved to France Cro. Any more room over there?

  4. Your posts of late seem to be either about food or the influx of foreign criminals (or foreigners who exhibit criminal behaviour) into dear old Blighty, Cro.

    There are plenty of home-grown legalised criminals at work here in Britain today (they run every financial institution that exists, for a start), so I wonder why you are concentrating solely on the immigrants? Do I detect a little bit of long-distance xenophobia?

  5. I thought I was quite clear in being non-xenophobic in both my recent rants. Above para 4 (or anyone else), and in my previous 'attack video', I left a clear comment after. I really am not anti-immigrant as such, it's just that they seem to know the lax system very well, and use it to their obvious advantage. Native born UK residents are no doubt just as bad.

  6. The minute we in the western world (and the rest of it, for all I know) chose the path of the letter of the law as oppose to its intent, we embarked upon this ridiculous end. The law, truly is an ass.

    The US is embracing the same stupidity with SOPA/PIPA (see the Youtube video from Khan Academy -!

  7. Sometimes things just don't make any sense, and this certainly is one of them.

  8. oh lord, this is crazy. Not a criminal matter? Really? I like your suggestions for Mrs. Mason, though I wonder if she would be charged with endangerment or some such silliness for turning off the utilities. Probably would. Crazy system! If it happened to me, I shudder to think what I might do. Burn the place down and claim the insurance money.....

  9. I will never understand the laws about squatting.

  10. That is just insane. Makes about as much sense as the fact that some people who've been injured in the course of robbing someone's house have successfully sued the homeowner for damages! It's a crazy world.


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