Thursday 29 December 2011

RIP's of 2011.

I was looking through a list of those who'd left us in 2011, and was surprised by how many 'rappers' had either died of drug over-indulgence, or been murdered. 'Rap' is not my favourite music (in fact I would say it's my least favourite), so their names mean nothing to me. But, even so, very sad to see all those with names like Gang-star, Murd-rah, Thuggo, Gucci-Woochie-Gold-Chain, and MC Fatso, all having died so young.

Lucian Freud, Peter Falk, Liz Taylor, Jane Russell, and my old friend Jet Harris were amongst this year's Roll of Honour, but for me the saddest name to see on the list was that of our National Amy Winehouse.

All of the above have left behind testament to their talents. Movies, paintings, and music; but poor Amy had only just begun. She had so much more to offer.

I was a late arrival to her music, seeing her firstly one New Year's Eve, on Jools Holland's TV show; she was brilliant. I was instantly taken by her, she had true unquestionable genius.

So, I say goodbye to all those above; I'll miss you, especially Amy.

Hang on a while, and we'll all be there to join you. Then, What Larks eh?... What Larks!


  1. I would ask that, while they are waiting for us, the deceased please to take a seat and a (very) thick magazine to read and thank you with no holding of breath! I have a few things to do first...

    (C)Rap music truly ranks alongside most C&W in my view - awful stuff.

  2. At least it's moved C & W into second place!

  3. I was late at finding Amy too. It is so sad that such good talent goes so young.

  4. The list almost included Prince Philip. I was lucky enough to be out of the country when the Queen Mother kicked the bucket, Gawd bless 'er.

  5. I had never heard Amy Winehouse sing until after I read your post...powerful singer...brash bold beautiful...tragic end to a topsy turvy life!

  6. Not looking to join them just yet, though! ;)

  7. Yes my friend what larks then. Hopefully it will be a while for us both.
    I missed hearing about Jane Russell what a beauty she and Liz were.
    I guess it is the rough life the rappers live who knows only God.
    Happy New Year to you

  8. Though Amy's death didn't come as a surprise, I was devastated. She was, in a word, spectacular.

    RIP, Amy.

  9. I was late to Amy too, having been alerted to her by an article by Clive James (of all people!) which sent me straight out to buy a copy of Back to Black. A sad loss indeed.


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