Monday 12 December 2011

The Humble Egg.

Can you imagine life without eggs?

No cakes, no omelets, no meringue, no quiche, no custard, no mayonnaise, no soufflĂ©, no eggnog, no kedgeree.

No simple fried egg for breakfast, no boiled eggs to grace our favourite egg cups (no egg cups even), not even any tempura for the artist. And no eternal questioning about which came first; the chicken or egg.

What would we hunt on Easter morning? How would we glaze our pies? What would we throw at politicians?

Could humans have survived without the humble EGG?


  1. I don't think so Mr. Magnon! Without the humble but delicious egg (had a hard boiled one in my salad tonight), the whole of civilization as we it know would have caved long ago!

  2. I'm sure I could egg the others on to come up with some more. Do hope I don't end up with egg on my face!

  3. A fabulous tribute to the humble cackleberry! And the thought of life without the life giving qualities of a rich vanilla creme anglaise based ice-cream doesn't bear thinking about.
    Millie xx

  4. Yes - the all pervasive egg. I only buy organic, free-range ones, but I know I must eat lots of battery ones as well as the 'hidden eggs' of all those mass-produced cakes, etc. Britain is in the slow process of banning battery farms, and the sooner the better.

  5. Food for thought............I love my eggs just about any way they are prepared. You made me think about being very grateful for those lovely ovals.

  6. Simple scrambled go-to meal.
    Over this past weekend, for the quiche, scotch eggs, banana bread, pancakes and scrambled eggs...six people have managed to consume 27 of them! Unimaginable to live without them. Thank you marvelous chicken.

  7. We also adore eggs. I sell them from two local farmers in our little farm store and then keep our own supply for ourselves. We eat 4-6 eggs each, EACH and every week. Both of us have low cholesterol. TAKE that you drug pushing cartel!

  8. Hi there
    No I could not imagine life without eggs. One of the many things we take for granted.
    Hope you are well

  9. I walked around the supermarket shopping the other day and passed the rows of battery eggs on the shelf.

    I realised it's been 3 years since I 'bought' and egg and, like Grandma Yellow said, now take my girls eggs for granted.

    One of the best things ever - eggs!!

  10. Eggs are so delicate. I love to bake with them and I love making them for breakfast. Can't imagine being vegan.

  11. My 3 hens are still laying either 2 or 3 per day. A miracle of nature, and thank you!


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