Tuesday 13 December 2011

The EU Fiasco.

Of course the leaders of both France and Germany are upset with David Cameron's decision NOT to join a United Sates of Europe; THEY WANT OUR MONEY!

At the moment there are only a few net contributing members of the EU; The United Kingdom being amongst the most generous. In fact, it costs each and every UK citizen £937 per annum for the pleasure of being a member. We give over £40 million per day to Brussels.

So where should we go from here? Well, I suggest that both The UK and Germany quit the EU, and create some sort of open-ended Anglo/German Alliance. This would control world finance, control European manufacturing, and leave the European no-hopers (including my belovéd France) to sort out their own bloody mess by themselves.

Between Cameron and Sarkosy; which one would YOU trust?


  1. I've always quite liked the notion of GB being the Taiwan of Europe - bit of dodgy import/export with lax to no paperwork, factories making knock-off BMW and Mercedes and flogging them back to the Continentals, a Eurovision Song Contest in which England, Scotland and Wales and a second entry from England are the only "contestants" and all commentated on by an inebriated Terry Wogan...

  2. I have finally given in and admitted that I haven't a fucking clue as to what is going on anymore. All I know is that life for everyone else but bankers is going to get even tougher in the next few years. A warped sense of decency prevents me from saying any more.

  3. You've gotta admit ... it's an interesting time in history to be alive.

  4. Well, we all have our problems, in the US, we have republicans.


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