Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wedding Nerves?

Wedding nerves? Well, not exactly.

When we were married (in 1969), the soon to become Lady Magnon and I had just crossed from Tangier in Morocco, over to Gibraltar; where we tied the knot in the registrar's office. I think I've mentioned before that John and Yoko were married just before us.

The day we'd left Morocco I had unwisely bought, and eaten, a tuna and chilli sandwhich from a small outdoor food stall, and it had an immediate effect on my stomach.

During the actual marriage ceremony I'm ashamed to admit that it was necessary for the registrar to take a short break whilst the young-ish Cro visited the 'facilities'.

Did your marriage go according to plan? Or do you know of someone's that didn't? I'd love to know that I'm not alone!


  1. We were married at 4 O'clock on St Swithin's Day. Lovely weather until five minutes to four when the heavens opened and I started my walk up the long country churchyard path. Oh, how a long white cotton dress can soak up the mud! The sun was shining when I re-emerged as Mrs.
    That was 1967 and it's been pretty good ever since.

  2. St Swithin's is my youngest son's birthday. He's arriving here today after about 4 months in Thailand and Cambodia, so this will be a very Happy Easter!

    I suppose heavy rain must be every bride's worst nightmare. I failed to add that for my wedding I also had dreadful SUNBURN!!

  3. Hello:
    Oh dear, somewhat unfortunate. But how very exotic to have crossed from Tangier to Gibraltar to be married.

    Our own ceremony took place in the registrar's office in Coventry [hardly very romantic] with just our parents as witnesses. But, in our view, so much better than the absurd pantomime which will happen on Friday of this week.

  4. ... or in certain gypsy encampments!

  5. An uneventful wedding for me I'm afraid. Nothing exciting. After they found me, that is.
    But look how well it has turned out for our respective mates...they got us.

  6. O'h Cro the honeymoon must have been hillarious!!between oohhhhh and ouch!!!1 lady M needs a medal lol...really though you poor thing and from there it could only get better ...

  7. We got married in the registry office at Salisbury and then flew to Brussels for a romantic weekend. Except it wasn't romantic because I got food poisoning and spent most of the time throwing up in the bathroom. And the Manneken Pis was SUCH a disappointment!

  8. hahaha nawh bless you! it's a brilliant story! I mean at least you'll never forget your wedding day. And I think getting married in Gibraltar is very cool ;)

  9. The vicar emigrated just before our wedding day (must have been forewarned!) The lady making the cake became pregnant and the cake making was unavoidably delayed owing to her giving birth before it was finished. Oh, and it snowed in the middle of April, but apart from that everything was hunky. Hey Cro, in sickness and in health takes on a whole new meaning. I bet Lady M didn't think she would have to play 'nurse-y' that early on!

  10. we are hoping to get "married" someday....
    and weddings are not real weddings unless there is at least one disaster!

  11. The first day of my honeymoon, I got a very bad sunburn and was rendered untouchable for the rest of the week. Things got better and we eventually had 4 children.


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