Friday, 22 April 2011


Over the years we've accommodated numerous strays; both cats and dogs. Scruffy Doris had (I imagine) been dumped by a returning holiday-maker, and I found her soaking wet on a main road; miles from anywhere in a storm. She was a nice little dog, but had a penchant for digging huge holes. One day she simply disappeared. The drawing actually depicts her quite well.

Crocket was one of the ugliest cats I've ever seen. The reason I named him/her 'Crocket' was that I thought he/she would have made a reasonable back-woodsman's tailed hat..... but even then.

I try not to judge animals by their looks; they're all nature's offspring, however unpleasant looking.

And then there was Korky, who was found underneath a friend's car. Something nasty had happened to the tip of his tail; run over maybe (I hope it was nothing nastier). He was a nice cat, and kept us amused by tearing about chasing invisible foe.

There have been lots of others. These silly drawings all come from my 'Scraps' book, into which I glue records of everyday events; it contains some seriously bad drawings.
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  1. Hello:
    Your Scraps book may, indeed, for all we know contain some 'seriously bad drawings' but the ones shown here are delightful, full of character, energy and life. Our favourite has to be Korky who has slighly Siamese features and a very enquiring face.

    A Happy Easter.

  2. Maybe Doris disappeared down one of the holes she dug. Love the idea of your Scraps book.

  3. Loving Korky of the stubby tail and white feet.
    So you, like John, are a rescuer.

  4. ... but seriously charming drawings also, Cro.

  5. That 'scraps' book also contains a who lot of love and caring by the looks of things Cro.

  6. Thank you for this post. Not only did I love the drawings, but it also started me thinking about my own dog. She will be sixteen later this year and I've never sketched her. How could I have overlooked this?

  7. Poor doggy who disappeared! We have had a bunch of interesting animals over the years too. My favorite childhood cat was one my mother named "Nuisance" because he was one!!

  8. I like your blog cro
    you are so economical with your words.
    this blog shows you are a big softie!

  9. your drawings are not as bad as mine ;)in fact there are really nice! and i love the idea youre keeping strays from now and then.


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