Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Wood-Pile.

Now is the best time to stock up on wood for next winter. Up until a few years ago we had a huge open fire, but this posed problems so I installed this simple but very efficient Godin Stove. In the winter we can now light up in the morning, then leave the house without any worry of returning to find the place burnt down.

All our wood burning is now 'contained'; in the DeVille cooker in the kitchen, and in the Godin in the sitting room. This means that we no longer need too much of the very expensive Oak that we used to buy; prefering the much cheaper Chestnut that does almost the same job. Chestnut 'spits' so a 'contained' burner is essential.

I reckon we've got about 20 Cu Ms in stock (there's some you can't see), and I have another 4/5 Cu Ms waiting in a neat pile still in the woods.

The Chestnut, which has all been cut 'fresh', needs a minimum of 2 years to dry; I leave it open for the first year, then cover just the top from the second year onwards. 

When it's stinking hot (as it has been for the last week), it's almost unimaginable that we shall be in need of so much wood. But winter comes around again very, very, quickly!!! 


  1. just got caught up on all your posts tonite. What a wood pile! Wishing for your sun and look at that beautiful blue sky! Enjoy

  2. That's an impressive wood pile. (Hope you don't see anything nasty in it!) Big temperature drop today - you might need to light that stove...

  3. I've just restored a nice pair of 18th C. fire-dogs, Cro - they'd look good in your place!

  4. I'm not sure if you can see mine. They're holding back the logs. They're pretty old too. Not a very clear picture I'm afraid.

  5. Your sitting area looks so cozy. I can imagine you toasting your toes on a chilly winters night. The thing about wood heat is that it warms you twice..once when you split it and then when you burn it. that rug safe right in front of the stove?

  6. There is nothing like the smell of a fire! I love to look at it too. I wish our house had a wood burner. We have a fireplace but it is for a cozy night only and not for heating the house. Your woodpile is impressive! I didn't know at you had to age wood two years. Our is only one.
    It's still cool here...has been running in the 40's. It's hard to imagine it being hot. I'll trade you for a few days!

  7. Impressive. But it seems wrong to be thinking of wood and fires this time of year. Winter has scarred you.

  8. Ilove your fireplace and stove...... similar to our cottage fireplacebut oh so much more chic and oh so french


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