Saturday, 23 April 2011

Monty Python - Salad Days (HD and subtitled)

I remember going to see this bright-young-things show 'Salad Days' when I was quite young; I was taken by a kindly Aunt and Uncle.

The only bits I really remember are the incidental music, and the song 'We're looking for a piano'. This little bit of tomfoolery from the Python boys would have made the original show considerably more interesting!


  1. I apologise for my invisible FIRST YouTube effort (previous posting). I'll probably get the hang of it in time!

  2. It's amazing how they still can make us (or me anyway) laugh out loud. Funnily enough, I have only just discovered that John Cleese lives in Bath (Royal Crescent) for about half the year.

  3. Hello:
    Super. This revives memories of Monty Python, legends in their own lifetimes, who certainly could have shaken up the original Salad Days.

    Happily this video did work!

  4. Used to watch this show obsessivly. Love this kind of humor.

    Now I watch Benny HIll every Saturday because a local station shows back-to-back episodes. Talk about funny, but oh my, what a dirty mind he had!

  5. Hi Cro, how good that you blogged this!!! Bob and I are away and we took the laptop as I had some work to do(have not had time!) lol but one of our families all time favourites was The Life of Brian and i played these little bits for Bob yesterday and we cracked up laughing,it was so timely as we are 8 hours from home with Bobs Mum and sister as his sister faces her breast removal next week and so she also had such a laugh.I am not really sure if bloggers realise that the touch so many with simple blogs that just seem to "touch" us.Thank you Cro as you made some happy moments and recolections and discussions of our fav old shows.


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