Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Golly Dating Agency.

This could be the world's only Non-PC dating agency.

Our Golly (that's him on the left) has found an on-line Belle (that's her in blue). They're hoping to meet-up in the near future, They've already exchanged Email addresses, so we're hoping for a successful outcome.

Gollies of the world unite...... at 'The Golly Dating Agency'.

(I thank friends Serge & Sami for the Emailed picture)


  1. Oh, even your Golly is luckier in love (and dating) than I am.;)
    Love the description in your profile - it pretty much sumps up my dream existence.;) Thus you are living my dream.;)
    Thank you so much for stopping by my place and for your kind words - yes indeed, not only the warm tropical waters hide stunning beauty. Almost any body of water harbours a true, unique magic, if we only look closely...

  2. I actually had to google gollywog. (I'm embarassed to admit I had no clue.) Once again you have expanded my education.
    Are you joining Tom in the invention business with your dating service?

  3. Please don't associate me with this venture of Cro's, MBJ - I'm in as much trouble as he is going to be any minute now, already.

  4. Golly has a very guilty look on his face. I don't know if he's up for this adventure.

  5. I have a cardigan just like that yellow one!

  6. Golly looks a little sad there Cro,hope he gets to smile soon and gets a good match lol..

  7. "Golly" Moses...I have NO clue what this is all about...but it's kinda cute!!

  8. bless them, yes very un pc but everybody deserves someone, even outdating slightly racist toys. look at toy story!


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