Friday, 15 April 2011

The Bock.

Have you put your Christmas decorations away yet?

Most of ours were put away on 'twelvth night', but, for some reason, our 'Bock' has stayed on my well-organised desk.

Regular readers will know that Lady Magnon is of Swedish extraction. And it seems that if you marry a Swede, you also marry a 'Bock' (a traditional Swedish Crimbo decoration).

Ours is a classic model; about 50 years old, straw made, and, as usual, covered in red ribbon. 'Bock' is Swedish for Goat, and tradition has it that Santa Claus used to ride on a Goat when delivering his presents. Although many other reasons are given for its symbolism.

I think Mr Bock will stay on my desk until Christmas comes round again.

p.s. One of my neighbours has a new Border Collie pup'. His name is also Bock; I wonder why?


  1. That's interesting Cro - so you end up with 2 goats for the price of one. Now I know where 'spring-bock' comes from too.

  2. I must admit our Christmas decorations stayed well into the third week of January. Bock is timeless. He's adorable year round.

    I used to read a little book to my children called "The Adventures of Goat".

  3. Our city has an ordinances that, shall I say, "persuades" people to remove their Christmas decorations in a timely manner. They can't make me take down a painting I did of the nativity, though. That stays on our wall year round.

  4. I like it. I also like the painted rock in the picture. I think you've shown it before—one of your children painted it. You are one of those people who like to keep trinkets around that remind you of your family and friends. That's sweet.

  5. The Brock looks comfy there i would leave him now as the year goes so fast by the time you put him away you have to get him back out! let him be comfy and give you pleasure.

  6. Our decorations go to the attic on January one. When it's's over.
    The bock is an interesting looking guy. Red looks good on him!!

  7. Time goes by so quickly and really Christmas is right around the corner. When December comes around you won't have to hunt through boxes like most of us for your decorations.


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