Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cro A Snob? Maybe!

The conversation went a bit like this....

Friend: "Have you got any thickish wire; an old coat-hanger would do?"

Cro: "If you mean a wire coat-hanger, the answer is an unequivocal no!"

Friend: "Why's that?"

Cro: "Because there are two things in the world of coat-hangers that would never cross the Magnon threshold; those made of either wire or plastic!"

ex-Friend: "You bloody snob!"

Cro: "Idiot!"

I know people who only drink the finest wines; they're known as wine-snobs. Others who always buy expensive foreign cars; they are car-snobs. But I've never thought that because I insist on wooden coat-hangers, that I would be considered a coat-hanger-snob.

If being a 'snob' means that I think I'm superior to my fellow man; then I'm certainly not one (because I'm not). But if it means that I search out quality in certain things, then I suppose I'm guilty; and proud to be!.

Viva timbaris hangare-coatem! (dog latin for piss off ex-friend)


  1. O'h Cro that is so funny,only wooden ones? don't you have any of the lovely crochet variety that is kind to your silk shirts? just kidding to each his own,wire hangers are so frustrating,however they have their uses for instance unlocking locked doors od older style cars and if one breaks the car radio antena it can be shoved in the hole and works beautifull..cannot think of anything else they are good for other thsn getting into knots!

  2. When you come to visit the manor, you must never peek in the closets.

  3. I followed the link here from another blog, and have enjoyed reading through your posts. As for your choice in hangers, that isn't snobbery, dear sir. That's simply good taste.

  4. Have you ever heard of Joan Crawford and the movie Mommy Dearest? NO WIRE HANGERS!

  5. Nothing wrong with that. And if they're cedar they will keep the moths away.

  6. Always good to keep one or two wire hangers on hand...untwisted they are very useful for pulling electrical wire and fishing toys out from under the sofa. Not so great for your clothes though.

  7. I'm a wooden/plastic hanger girl Cro. The plastic ones can only be white...and some padded ones for the delicate sweaters! When, very occasionally, I use the dry cleaners, the hangers go right back.
    Not snobbery, it makes a difference!

  8. starting over
    beat me too it......

    "I'm not mad at you!!!! I'M MAD AT THE DIRT!""

  9. And quite right you are too, Cro! Your coat hangers look very classy. And you a snob? No way!

  10. Fantastic! I have only wooden hangers and have been accused of the same as you. Whatever it is, it doesn't have to be expensive, show-y, bling or anything else so obvious - but it has to be quality! C'est tout! xo


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