Saturday 3 October 2020


I now hear that 'Bake off' is the most popular show on ITV. I shall watch the repeat today at lunchtime. Hmmmm!

The mornings are becoming far too dark; this interferes with my day.

US politics is becoming like a Tweety and Sylvester cartoon. Tweety manages to survive, whilst the scheming Sylvester does his best to defeat him. Now Sylvester has had the tables turned.

When we really needed the rain, it stayed away. Now that we no longer need it, it pours for days on end.

Beyond the studio, I now look out on black plastic sheeting. The water looked so inviting as we closed the pool on Wednesday. Nine months before we open up again.

I have a good stock of sawn logs, we have plenty of oil for the emergency oil heater, and the Autumn duvet is back on the bed. I'm still wearing shorts.

I 'sort-of' approved of Sir Keir Starmer when he took over from Corbyn, but he's already beginning to get on my nerves. Labour are 3 points ahead of the Conservatives in the polls; but I don't see this affecting another Tory win. Labour are too irresponsible, and offer nothing more than a whinge from the side-lines. A political party is not only about its leader, one also has to consider all the plonkers in the back room.

Having 'mothballed' the pool, it leaves me with about an extra hour of free time every day. I shall use this for painting, drawing, etc.

I wish I could find a book that really keeps me enthralled. I seem to read too many books that are lacklustre, and fail to inspire. 

With this sudden change in the weather, we are now into Choucroute season, and we shall have some this evening.

That's all I can think about this morning.

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