Saturday 2 July 2016


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The new Labour Party leadership has just been announced to great all-round enthusiasm (even from the Tories).

The No 1 contender, Dennis Skinner 84 (above) is to become the new, young, middle-of-the-road, unifying, Leader of the Party. A true Statesman and a breath of fresh air; I'm sure you'd agree.

Skinner said "I am trilled to have been chosen as the new leader of my party; I shall inject a new vitality and youthfulness into the role. When at No 10 I will make all the poor rich, and all the rich poor; then continue until everyone is poor; or do I mean rich? Anyway, Britain will be great again".


Diane Abbot is to become Shadow Foreign Secretary, as well as the party's Tzar for Private Education.

The Eagle twins (Angela and Maria) are to become joint Shadow Secretaries in charge of twins.

Lord Blair of Iraq is to become Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (a safe pair of hands with large sums of money, if ever there was one).

Lord 'Billy' Bragg of Dysmelodia will become Shadowy Minister for 'Music'.

And little Jeremy Corbyn is to return to the front bench as Shado Minista for joined-up riting and midal-skool lerning.

Others posts are yet to be announced.

I'm sure you'd all like to join me in wishing them 'jolly good luck' for the future.


  1. Dennis gets impatient and decides to take matters into his own hands and joins forces with Michael (Gove) to lead the revolution and form a new Party. Diane is on hand to pick up all vacant posts on any side.

  2. That's it then, problems solved all round !

  3. Well the country has all gone to pot anyway, so don't suppose they would make any worse a job than the present lot are making. Has anyone thought of doing away with the lot of them and letting the men in the background, who do the real work, get on with it with no hindrance? Couldn't be worse - could it?

    1. Robots maybe? Or computer voting once a month.

    2. Weave, I hope you don't mean Sir Humphrey Appleby and his ilk.

  4. Sir Humphrey and his ilk? Well, at least we'd all have a jolly good laugh !

  5. Still be better than Gove. ..

  6. I think I got all your references in this post. Even over here folks are mentioning "Yes Minister." My cycling fan brother is looking forward to watching Le Tour de France.

    Over here, H. Clinton met with the FBI today.

    And...on another front, I returned from the farmers market with a collection of veg, to contribute to my version of your compost fry up.

    I used Rachel's contribution of brown rice as a base. The zucchini and thinly sliced French Breakfast (yes) radishes were sauteed in sesame oil. Mushrooms, parsley, onion, garlic were softened up in olive oil. Then I mixed all the veg together with pepper, cumin seed and that lemon you suggested and added it to the brown rice that I'd nestled into a pasta bowl. Freshly ground pepper scattered around the top.

    It was delicious! I will try another version tomorrow with some slight changes in the veg cast of characters.

    Happy Weekend to you and yours.

    1. Yes, I'm sorry Frances, this was mostly aimed at UK readers. Most of these people will be unknown to non-Brits (for good reason).

      I'm pleased you enjoyed the Compost Fry-up. One can make any version on the same theme, and it always tastes good.

  7. You should have gone into political journalism.


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