Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Right; this is absolutely the FINAL time....

I'm beginning to wonder if I haven't caught some virulent form of 'masochism'. Putting these ridiculous things together is pure torture, but I don't seem able to stop myself.

Have you ever seen a more pathetic set of instructions!

My old BBQ is in the throws of self-destruction, so it needed to be replaced. I'm not keen on gas BBQ's, nor am I keen on anything with knobs on the front. I like charcoal, flames, and smoke, and this simple stainless steel job looked just the ticket. 

It has a good sized cooking area, and I'm sure both my son and son-in-law will have a lot of fun with it when the 'Magnon Summer Meat Fest' kicks off next week.

There were only a few screws left over, but I'll find a use for them.

Doesn't look too bad, does it! 


  1. Enough to strike terror into the heart of any animal you have tethered within sight Sir.

  2. It looks first rate to me. My brother once bemoaned the fact that you can no longer buy an item - you buy a box of parts. Of course he could remember when you actually could buy an item.

    I live in fear that I'm going to order shoes from and get parts and a needle and thread.

  3. You are def. not going doolally if you can fix that up! Shame about the left over screws....they probably put too many in the pack I reckon.

  4. No sense of adventure that's your problem. The left-over cardboard and two screws you can keep to repair the lawn mower Cro.


  5. Replies
    1. It's an outdoor kitchen for warm summer evenings. These may not yet be available in Wales.

    2. I have heard of these special things but have never seen one

  6. My kitchen still looks like your first photogragh!

  7. It looks quite a bit like one we put together years ago. It came with instructions (in French) and we had to go back to the store and get the English version from another set on the promise we would return them as soon as we got the monster assembled. I have never seen so many small parts to anything in my life and I've assembled some pretty complicated kids toys.

  8. What's wrong with a few bricks and an old grill?

  9. We have a few bricks and an old grill model. It works a treat but looks like .... a few bricks and an old grill.
    One day, we will buy ourselves one of these.
    And they definitely put too many screws in the pack, just to worry the customer.

  10. Boy, that sure brings back some horrific barbecue-assembly memories!! Looks like you did a great job.


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