Tuesday 30 July 2013

I was going to entitle this page 'Come back, all is forgiven', but there was nothing to 'forgive'. So instead I'll call it just plain COME BACK.

I really need a Tardis right now.

I need to go back about 35 years to ask my then neighbours Janine and Odette NOT to sell their house.

They were such cultured people. They were a Zen Buddhist lesbian couple who really cared about their environment. There was never a blade of grass out of place, never a sweet wrapper thrown carelessly on the ground, and never did they cause umbrage amongst their neighbours.

There were no old white vans parked all over the bloody place, no shutters falling off their hinges, and no piles of builder's rubble and paraphernalia everywhere, causing an eyesore. Nor were there any neglected animals.

OK, their dog did savage some of our hens, but I'd offer it a hundred more if they'd only come back.

Sadly Janine and Odette are now both in their Zen Buddhist heavens; life was very good with them around.


  1. Sorry, Cro. Even an ugly orange wall can't keep out such yuckiness. It simply oozes through everything at times.

  2. if only we could go back in time...but the world, our reality, as is, does not allow. xo

  3. A bad neighbour can ruin the most fantastic house in my experience. We have one that makes me grind my teeth here too. The white van was particularly pertinent for me....

  4. I moved because of neighbors like yours. I went back recently and saw that the people who now live in my old house are just like my former neighbors. It made me ill.

  5. Ah yes, neighbours. One of the reasons I live on an 86-acre farm with the closest house at least a kilometre away. I have felt your pain!!

    1. You'd hardly believe the amount of times we've talked of doing exactly the same!!


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