Friday 19 July 2013

Scotland the Save.

Clamped car seen 'Somewhere in Scotland'.

The Scots are renowned for their thrifty nature, and I can imagine just how the owner of this car felt on finding it clamped.

Mind you, it looks ready for the skip anyway, and frankly I'm surprised they even bothered to clamp it!

p.s. I'm a wee bit suspicious about the authenticity of the photo; the handwriting does look a bit 'designer-ish'.

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  1. It's a good job they don't go in for clamping too much in this part of France.
    At least half of the cars are so old and battered and parking recommendations are playfully ignored ....what's the French for....what it says on that car ??!!

  2. Classic!

    I left a Lancia HPE in Sainsbury's car park in Leamington Spa once, with the keys on the dash.

    They nicked the radio and left the car.

  3. There are times (especially after I pay the price for a gas fill up) that I think we should all go back to riding horses.


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