Tuesday 23 July 2013

Absent Minded, or just Getting Old.


When things happen that often that they can no longer be classified as 'coincidence', I begin to worry.

I can't find my sunglasses, I go to rooms but when I get there have no idea why, I go shopping and leave my wallet at home.

Yesterday morning I left for my early morning dog walk holding a tube of Harissa (that I'd intended to put in the fridge). What WAS I thinking (or not thinking)?

"Lady M, what's that bloke's name from the Sunday morning TV show; Martin something, Martin Andrew, something like that, Marty Andrews maybe?".

"He's called Andrew Marr!"

"Yup, that's what I just said".

Yesterday morning when we returned from shopping Lady M couldn't find a pack of 3 soft-foam balls that she'd just bought; she must have left them at the checkout. Last week I did the same with some cheese.

Any of this sound familiar?


  1. All too bloody familiar, Cro! Sometimes I have a hard job remembering what I had for dinner the night before. A couple of weeks ago a guy appeared at my place, he obviously knew me and was there to see Marcia, Marcia arrived back from town an hour later at which point I quietly asked her who he was. 'He's my brother' she said.

  2. All too familiar, snap, Hippo! Keys deliberately losing themselves; purposefully striding into rooms and forgetting why. Forgetting names is particularly exasperating, forgetting faces is even worse. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  3. I have been known to wander about the house searchng for my glasses which are on my face.

  4. Any of what sound familiar old chap? Have you been talking? I was, um, I was, er - yes. What? About a quarter to seven, I think.

  5. Oh yes.....very familiar. Especially the trying to remember the word/name business...makes me feel very foolish. As it seems to be something we of a certain age suffer do you think it could be something we all ate/drank many years ago? that would be so much more exciting than just getting old.

  6. I am more worried as to why Lady M would want three, soft foam balls.

  7. Oh yes, You know you're in trouble when you're at the top of the stairs and can't remember whether you are on the way up or on the way down!
    (Have I had my breakfast yet?)

  8. Absolutely, but when I look back I often had times when I walked into a room and had to retrace my steps to remember why I was there,and I was young then so I don't worry about it.
    I think we're all paranoid about getting Altzeimers. lol

  9. My excuse is that I have stored 65 years of information in my brain and some times it takes a little time to sort through it all to find what I'm looking for. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  10. Yeah, I am in that room also wondering why?

    Today people don't need to remember facts. They just look it up on their iPhone. Memory, in time to come, may not be needed. I am counting on that.

  11. I'm afraid it does. My younger son has dubbed the word remember as the "R" word and said that it should not be used in conversation with Dad, at least not in any sentence beginning with "do you?"

  12. It comes to us all in the end - I was showing a friend round my garden the other day and couldn't bring to mind a single plant name. Oh dear - it's worse than I thought.

  13. I'm sorry. What were you just talking about?

  14. So, so familiar. I found the spare car key in the fridge a few days ago. Bank card, once cancelled was discovered sitting in the spare room on the back of the sofa a few months ago. I find endless lists very helpful but then can't remember where I put them.

    Have often seen your comments on John's blog and am delighted to have found you in your French idyll at last. Look forward to your next post.



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