Tuesday 16 July 2013

Haddock's Harvest.

I picked our first few beans a few days ago; they were eaten the way I prefer, tepid with Mayo. They are a bit later than usual this year... not such a bad thing, as our summer guests arrive in just 2 weeks.

Also on the menu are courgettes, chard, onions, peppers, calabrese, and a variety of salads.

We also have slowly swelling green tomatoes, but I think it'll be at least a week before they ripen.

It's all so hot and dry; we really could use some rain. There's nothing on the horizon, so, as a last resort, I shall probably have to install the sprinkler.

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  1. My tomatoes are late in ripening also. I do not know why as we have had perfect weather for them. I had considered putting in some Early Girls when I set up my garden,but went with the Heirlooms and Hybrid instead. The grape tomatoes are many, many and have started to produce red fruit so I guess all the others will also. I worry though, that they will all be perfect when we go on vacation in August.

    You have a way of taking pictures of your veggies that could turn a carnavore into a Vegan.

    1. I recently found 2 small tom plants in amongst my onions, so planted them out. They have grown huge, so I'm hoping they will turn out to be the 'Portuguese' variety that produces giant solid carving toms, perfect for salads. It'll be a while.

  2. Tomatoes are taking ages to ripen this year. Courgettes and beans are going manic - courgette carbonara for lunch today. (Love my beans tossed in garlic butter.) Don't think there's any rain due in the near future unless we get hit by an orage.

    1. I had the sprinkler on for about an hour early this morning, but with this heat it'll dry out very quickly.


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