Monday 8 July 2013

Changing landscape.

Landscape changes so quickly.

This simple scene is just a few metres away from our house, and I seem to remember that I painted it from somewhere near our terrace.

But looking at it now, you'd hardly recognise it. The big tree in the middle (it was a huge walnut) has now gone, and it's rotten trunk and branches have almost been totally consumed by time, the field behind it is now filled with mature chestnuts, and the apple tree in the lower left corner has split its trunk, but is just holding on, lying on the ground.

I think most of the pines have also been removed.

I couldn't find exactly where I painted it from, but this is how it looks today.

The picture was painted in July 1989.

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  1. I'm always astonished how the landscape changes over the years. As most of the woodland here is a'crop' there is a continual variation in the surrounding countryside. Everything just grows so very quickly. (Yes, it would be nice to see more of your paintings.)

  2. My dad tells similar things when we visit our ancestral village. Hell, sometimes even I have things to share about how things changed in the city in the last few years :-)

  3. Good thing none of US changed that dramatically since then...

  4. Nothing ever stays the same. However, you have that lovely picture to remind you of how things were.

  5. Where we live the bush we look out on is fast disappearing and houses are taking its place. Not an improvement !

    1. That's the WORST type of change, Helsie. We've had the same threats, but I think we've overcome the problem.

  6. Our landscape has changed, too. Some of the really old maples and oaks have died off, and although a few sprigs have been replanted to take their place, it'll be years.

  7. Lovely picture Cro - can't believe how much the view has changed - I think when things change gradually you don't notice until you see before and after pictures.

  8. Adore.
    And how might a blog fan purchase an original Cro?

  9. That is the nice part of living in an old established part of the city, the only thing that changes are the faces. Love your work sir.


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