Saturday 12 November 2011

Time Team visits Cro-ville.

When we recently up-dated our kitchen, the idiot plumber managed to clog-up the exterior waste pipe with gravel, so we are having to create a by-pass with a new pipe; this involves us hand digging a long shallow trench about 2ft deep.
About half way along the trench I hit metal, and found the above. I imagine it's an ancient plough that has somehow become buried with time. It was too big to dig out, so I've left it there for some future amateur archaeologist to re-discover.

When I draw up the map of the new pipe position (for future generations), I shall include reference to an 'unknown, non-ticking, metal object'. Nothing like a bit of mystery! 


  1. I think there might just be some huge conspiracy in the construction industry, whereby each member pledges to do something on a job so as to cause future employment for a fellow member.
    Love the abstract mention of the plough.

  2. I would have to dig it up - I don't know how you can resist it.

  3. Like Tom, I would just have to find out what it is for sure.....
    I love that show where they dig up half of England looking for forts and churches etc.... I get as excited as they do when they find a part of a wall or a shard of pottery.

  4. What an appropriate post. We sold our farm three years ago and just got a frantic call from the new owners - where does the basement drain pipe drain too? What a good question. I know precisely where it drains too, but my idiot plumber in the process of putting in the new line from the well to the house, cut a section of the drainpipe out and then forgot to replace it, backfilled the whole mess in. Then when we got our first rain, the basement mysteriously flooded. Guess who had to dig everything up by hand and splice the pipe (the plumber was much too busy to return for at least a couple weeks). And now I suspect my splice has become somewhat clogged over time. I think the new owners can get out their Sherlock hats on, just the same as I had to so many times (Bet they wished they'd offered us full price now instead of jewing us down to penury!) Don't worry I responded with the details of the outlet of the pipe, but lets just say, like my plumber, I was a bit mum on the subject of the splice.

  5. MG. Sounds like our respective plumbers might be related! Mine tried to hide what he'd done, but when more and more stone went down into the pipe I HAD to investigate, and soon discovered his game. I've said nothing to him, but it's the last time he'll work for me, and I'm telling everyone I know to keep well clear!

  6. I could not resist digging the whole thing up! Pretty cool.

  7. Recipe for the pickled green tomatoes:
    Sterilize jars and lids
    3 lbs of whatever (peppers,green tomatoes)
    2 cups distilled white vinegar
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    1 Tbls of pickling salt (any with no iodine)
    4 cloves garlic
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  8. It's frustrating to be at the mercy of an incompetent craftsman. (And yes, I do use the term lightly)

    No way I could've resisted trying to dig further to unearth that treasure.

  9. Many thanks Kat. My green toms are awaiting your treatment. I'll do them tomorrow.

  10. Under careful hi-re image enhancement you can make out some numerals and a Luftwaffe insignia...

  11. how exciting, oh no I could not have resisted digging that up! I love digging for treasures.
    will we get to see a picture of your new kitchen or did I miss it? Linda

  12. Oh this is amazing! I LOVE finding buried treasure...

  13. Chris. It was the word MILLS that I was most worried about.

    It's all covered up again. And yes, it would have been fun to dig the whole thing up but it would have meant digging a huge area, and I was angry enough having to spend two days digging the trench.

    Linda, I put the picture up on 21st Oct. If you search for 'new kitchen' or 'done clettering' it may come up.


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