Monday 21 November 2011

It's Here Folks.

I can't stop myself. As soon as word reaches Cro's shell-like that the Beaujolais Nouveau has been released, I'm hot-foot to the shops for a sample.

Wine is never universally good, it very much depends on the individual maker. But this particular brew was excellent; just the right combination of acidity and fruitiness. It came from Bichat Bros in St Priest.

OK it's all just a silly sales hype, but it's a fun one. I notice also that the wine-makers of Gaillac have joined in the game, and are pushing their Gaillac Nouveau. Well why not, especially if you can sell a €2 bottle of plonk for nearly €4.



  1. Venison and mash for me, I have simple food tastes.
    Ah this beaujolais would go down well with dinner.

  2. Stupidly, I buy wine based on the label design.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid...

  3. We live in a wine region and are so spoilt for choice,it is almost as if it is in the taps!!! Aussie wins seem to have come of age in the last couple of years.

  4. Over here, we have given up on the Nouveau nonsense - there used to be a race to see who could bring the first bottle back to Bath. The vintners couldn't believe their luck.

  5. One of our sons is a wine snob, and he tends to go for the high-end stuff. Me? I either buy an inexpensive brand I know I like or reach for something whose name is so off-the-wall funny, I can't resist. It kills him to admit some of my inexpensive stuff is quite good.


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