Thursday 17 November 2011

Jean Nouvel.

Jean Nouvel is probably France's finest architect.

He was born in our nearby town of Fumel, in the Lot et Garonne; the destination of my weekly supermarket shopping sortie (I've written, in the past, that the best bit about Fumel is 'leaving it'; I imagine JN felt the same) .

I suppose one could describe Nouvel as the French version of Lord (Norman) Foster; an architect of daring and innovative internationally admired buildings.

So, why am I telling you all this.... Well, we are mid-planning-application for our Séchoir, part of which we wish to convert into a large Summer apartment; and by chance, about 300 metres away, there's another old Séchoir that's soon also to be converted. The owners of this other Séchoir (a very pleasant young couple) are both architects, and guess who they work for in Gay Paree? Yes, no other than Jean Nouvel; so we are expecting great things (although the condition of their Séchoir would give me nightmares).

We have seen their plans, and we have discussed our own with them, so we now await the nod from the almighty bureaucrats who rule over such things.

I very much doubt if our design will meet with acceptance at once, but with a few alterations (to meet with their stringent requirements) I'm sure that eventually we'll get the go-ahead..... Fingers crossed!


  1. How strange we perceive the world Cro, I imagined that the whole of France was just glorious...I am really looking forward to your renovation/reconstruction,if it turns out anything as good as your tower you will never stop crowing .

  2. I find myself quite envious of your adventure-to-come Cro. Perhaps it's time Rudy and I found ourselves something to renovate.

  3. I look forward to seeing the work. I really enjoy re-doing things. And now you have such expert advice. Good luck with the bureaucratic bull crap.

  4. How exciting! Sounds like you can expect great things from this bunch.

  5. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too!


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