Thursday 10 November 2011

Mr Bean paints his flat.

Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) can be exceptionally annoying, but he has his moments.

Monday's wet afternoon was one for staying in by the fire, and Lady M and I ended up watching the last 20 minutes of his 2007 film 'Mr Bean's Holiday'. Some of it was hilarious, although comedians who rely on silly faces and voices usually make me cringe.

This is a clip from his TV series, and must be one of the best; it makes me laugh uncontrollably (I must be easily pleased).


  1. Cro would you believe our grandkids have been getting to know MR Bean and loving him however recently they went to the movies to see Rowans new movie about Johnnie English and they said it was fantastic...he is a hoot if not annoying as you say.

  2. We used to watch Mr Bean but as you say, the faces and the voice eventually lose their charm.

  3. It's your active & youthful monkey glands !

  4. I read your suggestion to a blogger who was having difficulties using blogger and you suggested Google Chrome. Wanted to let you know Google Chrome solved my commenting problems too and i do believe it is faster. Especially when it comes to uploading pictures.

    The only issue i have left is being able to put paragraph breaks in my post. The only way i can break up my post is by pictures. Thanks for the help! deb

  5. Mr. Bean always makes me laugh. Though some of the situations he gets himself into are so intense that can barely watch! I love the Christmas episode, and the pants at the beach . . .

  6. have to say I'm not a Mr. Bean fan. I think it's those flaring nostrils.


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