Sunday 6 November 2011

The Sunday Cat.

With guests around in recent months, we've been trying to keep Freddie out of the house at nights. He has a penchant for jumping up and down on people's beds during the night, and they find it off-putting.

He has a cat-flap into my studio (where he is fed), and I keep the interconnecting door with the house tightly closed.

So, how has he been getting in at night, and dancing the hokey-cokey on my head at 2 am every morning?

We now have the answer. Somehow he manages to climb up, and along, a grape vine, and squeeze in through an opening he's made in a small window's mosquito netting. We caught him in the act!

I suppose it shows feline guile and initiative, if nothing else..... Little monkey; nice, isn't he!

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  1. He's gorgeous. Though probably not so much at 2am.

    I'm woken at 2am also by my cat. She jumps onto the bed and has learnt to wake the dog to get my attention. Dog gets up (for a pee?) I get up, cat is happy.

    Then again at 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am etc........

  2. ..where there's a will, there's a way...even for cats it seems. I wonder how an alpha cat would behave in your position Cro, with Freddie dancing the hokey-cokey on his head? Probably a swift paw-slap to the other side of the room? Do you think that might discourage said behaviour? Doubt you would do that though.

  3. We have two cats - and Freddie looks suspiciously like one of them. Are you sure he's not living a double life under an alias - and commuting between our houses?

    (In between jumping up and down.)

  4. He's a beauty and, with that kind of Hokey-Cokey talent, maybe you could get him on one of those TV shows and make him a star.

  5. An independent kind of a cat who isn't going to be left outside in the dangerous dark. He sounds like the kind of free thinking chap you want to have around in an emergency.

  6. Busy little man, I'd say. Just like mine, bouncing around the house at all hours.
    Take care

  7. He's a nice little monkey and you wouldn't change a thing about him, I know.

  8. Oh, he is a beauty. However, I bet you might be a little proud of him for cunning deductive skills.

  9. It is obvious that subconsciously you resented the visitors and wanted your home (and new kitchen) all to yourself so you installed a cheap screen a fly could put a hole through. Is that not true Mr Magnon ?

  10. I think that's what I love about cats...they don't sit around worrying about things...they just go right away and find a solution to their predicament...well done Freddie.

  11. Very nice and very CLEVER.


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