Friday 11 November 2011

New Widget.

I'm a bit slow to grasp new-fangled thingies for my blog; I did try to add a local weather forecast widget for the sidebar, but I couldn't get it to work so I gave-up.

However, I've recently added the 'You might also like' widget. As I'm sure everyone knows, this adds a few old postings, on roughly the same subject as the current one, that visitors are invited to peruse.

Strangely, I'm finding this really amusing. Very rarely do I return to my old postings, so having a few randomly  chosen is rather fun.

It's possibly just the novelty of the widget, but I've found myself going over old subjects by the dozen, and am treating it rather like picking up an old often-read book.

Re-reading my thoughts or attitudes towards certain subjects is enlightening. I've only encountered one so far that I would have written differently. If you have installed this widget, have you found yourself doing the same?


  1. No but maybe I will have a go I never cease to be amazed at what all you clever lot do I am still trying tog et the sidebar thing done lol

  2. No I have not yet, but I love it on others blogs. For some reason it seems easier than clicking on the "older posts" area. But I did have my blog put into book form the first year and I am amazed to see my adult kids and grandkids reading it.

  3. Was that complete with photos, Donna?

  4. I do have it on my sidebar. It continually amazes me what pages still get hits after a quite a while has elapsed.

  5. I haven't gotten the ovaries to try the widget yet. ('Cause as far as blogging goes, I'm still a mental MIDGET!)

  6. In the past year, I find myself frightened by new things, especially if they are technical in nature. However, everything is technical these days so I might be totally out of the loop soon. Maybe I will try that widget the next time my 13 year old granddaughter comes over and guides me through it's installation. I need backup and someone to hold my hand.

  7. I have not figured out that one either. I am still wondering how people get 3 or more photos up in there header.

  8. Hello I am new to your blog...
    I am enjoying your blog.Your profile caught my eye...your living my dream life. I've been to England a couple of times also Wales and fell in love with it! Oh to live in the UK, my dream...
    I like the new gadget my self...took awhile to get it going.
    Nice to meet ya Cro
    Grace..from Canada


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